What’s An IP Rating In LED Cooler Tubes?

led cooler tubes

After the technology has gone so far that we are surrounded by it. LED Lighting fixtures have made our life so easier. They are not only just energy-efficient but also water-resistance as well.


You read that right. With the latest technology, LEDs lighting technology has gone so that far that you can install LED lighting source in your refrigerator as well. Read this blog till the end and you will get amazed by its incredible features.

Have you ever thought that electrical appliance can be water-resistance? With IP technology, LED lighting fixtures are able to work in damp or wet locations as well.

What is an IP?

The full form of an IP is Ingress Protection that protects an electrical appliance against dust, insects, and water.

Now, it is the time that retail store operators are installing LED lighting source in their display refrigerators to enhance the visibility of the product. Only particular lighting product is suitable for these kinds of locations. “LED Cooler Tube” has been manufactured for installing in the damp and cool places.

led cooler tubes

Well, if talking about the IP ratings, it is formed with the two numbers and presented as an IPxx. these two Xs separate the level of protection such as protection against solid and liquids.

These ratings have some different classification mentioned below:

Level Of Protection

Solid Protection

Liquid Protection


No Protection

No Protection


Protection against 50mm objects

Protection against vertically falling water drops


Protection against 12.5mm objects

Protection against vertically falling water drops at a 15-degree angle


Protection against tools, thick wire

Water spray


Protection against wires and screws

Splashing water


Protection against ingression of the average quantity of dust

Water jets


Fully protection against dust

Forceful water jets


Not Available

Engross up to one meter


Not Available

Engross greatest than one meter.

This IP rating not only works for lighting appliance but also work for smartphone and fitness band as well.

Why LED Cooler Tube Need This IP Rating?

Before explaining why this cooler tube needs an IP rating, let us tell you that the ingress protection rating of this cooler tube. With the IP54 rating, you can install this tube in your refrigerator without any worry.

P.S. You can check this IP54 rating in the given chart.

As this tube has been manufactured for the cool and damp locations, you expect that your LED Cooler Tube lighting fixture doesn’t get fused after installation.

Reason Behind This IP54 Rating

  • This cooler tube is for the damp location, so that fixture wouldn’t be affected by that kind of location.
  • Any other fixture wouldn’t be right for that kind of location.
  • After being too long in damp location the fixture doesn’t need any high-cost maintenance.
  • The purpose behind this rating is to protect the fixture against the exposure of solid and water.

As the IP rating increases the level of protection.

In the end

LED Cooler tubes are safer to use in any location whether its damp or any other.

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