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When LED Pole Lights Are By Your Side, Pitch Dark Nights Do Not Intimidate You

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

The moment sun goes down and the sky illuminates with thousands of stars, pole lights outside stadiums, around playgrounds and near pavements wake up like a lazy giraffe to conquer the darkness. In our day to day life, we focus on indoor lights, viz. fancy chandeliers, exotic flush mount lights, suave downlights, but hardly notice how these pole lights spread light around us.

If we go back into the history of pole lights, then we find, these beautiful lights have gone through a good change. In the old era, the gas lantern was used as pole lights; after that, incandescent lights took their place, and nowadays we are experiencing LED era. Fantabulous 150 watt pole lights are in vogue. Besides energy conservation, there are many other features that make these lights perfect for various places.

  • Photocell in this light helps in conserving energy. 
  • As per authentic data, lights are a good substitute for  LED metal halide lighting fixtures.
  •  Die-cast aluminium housing prevents rust and corrosion.
  • The ultra-wide angled polycarbonate provides high application efficacy, uniformity and glare control. 
  • 150- watt pole lights are designed to provide one man hassle-free installation.
  • Before mounting, these fixtures go through a rigorous vibration test, after passing through this test, it is confirmed that pole lights can easily brave heavy earth quake and other natural calamities.

led pole lights

Various models of LED Pole lights

  • Yard light
  • Slip fitter mount
  • Direct Mount
  • Yoke Mount
  • LED Post Top   
  •  One can fit these lighting fixtures on round and square pole. If you need a pole light near your home but you do not have space for the pole, then you can pick LED Wall Mount Pole Lights.

    Things one should keep in mind while installing pole lights.

    You should install these lights at a uniform gap. If there is an uneven gap between two pole lights, it hampers security, and sometimes it also leads to an accident. The sea water is salty, that’s why you find anti-corrosion pole lights around sea beaches and river banks. 


    LED Pole lights are an integral part of stadiums, parks, and parking zone. If you want to know how you can avail more benefit from these lights, then you can visit, LEDMyplace.

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