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Why 60% of Population Loves LED Tubes?

led tube lights
led tube lights
led tube lights
led tube lights

When it comes to navigating the growth of LED lighting industry in the market, you can ask or just observe your surroundings. You’ll get the results instantly, you will see that you are surrounded by the LED lighting fixtures.

If your main concern is to lower the energy consumption then LED Tubes would be an ideal fixture for indoor space. Most of the population in the USA has replaced their fluorescent fixtures with the LED Tubes. After making a switch to smart LED lighting technology, then, they had lead to reduce their lighting bills by 75%.

It has been noticed that the new LED lighting source provides specific trim the energy bills cost, illuminates the space with quality lighting, and stays longer than fluorescents.

In this article post, LEDMyplace would explain each and every factor why 60% of the USA population has shifted to LED Tubes.

Let’s highlight the fluorescent tubes, Why most of the population switched to LEDs?

Firstly, let us clear the major misconception spread in the US that the government has banned incandescent, conventional, metal halides, HPS, and fluorescent light source. It is totally wrong, according to the new law, there is no ban or prohibited on these lighting fixtures.

The government has set new performance standards that have to match at less energy consumption. At this stage, if the light source doesn’t match the standards, the supplier wouldn’t sell them again.

That is the main reason most of the population has drastically shifted to LED Tubes.

What is most attractive in LED Tube?

We all are already aware of the energy-efficiency of the LED lighting source. Apart from saving energy, LEDs are more than that. It comes with the different sizes, light color, and equivalent to different wattage fluorescent light source.

Nowadays, a wide range of LED Tubes have been sold because of this fixture doesn’t let you compromise with the light quality. With the low energy consumption, this fixture illuminates the space cool white light (6500 Kelvin) and offers a huge amount of light.

If you are concerned about the environment and want to be a part of “save light save the earth” then you can switch to LED lighting appliances that save you from high energy consumption. With the usage of LED Tube, you could save $3,012.60 monthly and $36,151.20 annually.

Global warming is affecting is deeply, then why to harm the environment by using fluorescent tubes whereas you can save yourself from climate change by converting lighting appliances in your office and home. It is a win and wins situation where you can save climate and money at the same time.

Need Help?

As per the USA population, be smart and switch to LED Tube to save yourself from costly bills and climate change. If you have any doubt on the capability of fixture’s performance then ETL and DLC certification would clear all your doubts. Switch to the smart LED light source and leave a footmark for others to follow.

Solve your every query by mentioning it in the comment section, we would be happy to help you.

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