Why Choose LED Flood Lights For Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

led flood lights

LED flood lights being broad-beamed and high-intensity lights have their major applications in sports lighting, warehouse lighting, streets, parking lots, signages and billboards but those coming in the low wattage range of 15-50W and emitting less lumens are perfect for architectural lighting, accent lighting and also for landscape lighting. With a perfect kind of landscape, the LED flood lights do not just add to the decoration of your exterior, but increases the safety and security of your home outdoor through appropriate illumination.

So, what makes LED flood lights a perfect choice for landscape lighting?

LED Flood Lights -- The Major Benefits These Lights Can Provide     

Cozy Ambience

LED flood lights being available in 5000K can provide an environment that’s suitable not just for a bit of relaxing ambience but the one which is also energizing. Think of extreme cold in winter when you want to sit down and read or want to have a party in your garden or patio area until late at night. So, whether that’s a big garden or a small one, the right kind of light can set the mood and the environment for reading or partying, for you and your friends.

led flood lights

Robust Mechanical Design   

The external housing of your outdoor lights should be such that the luminaire can sustain not only harsh weather conditions, rust or corrosion but accidental damage too. The external housing of LED flood lights made of rugged die-cast aluminium is just designed to adapt to just any extremes in any outdoor environment. Add to that the design of optics (lens) which if made of polycarbonate becomes dimensionally stable and impact-resistant to handle any kind of external heat, shock or vibration.  


LED flood lights ranging in wattages from 15-50W can allow you to save atleast 75% of energy that you would have otherwise wasted, if you were using metal-halide, HID or HPS flood lights. And, this is not all. LED flood lights do not need enough maintenance as these do not need warming up to start up or cooling down after sufficiently getting warmed up. Thus, they also last longer than these light are intended for and hence also minimal maintenance.      

Light Controllers

The use of dimmable LED flood lights enables additional savings in energy while also creating a change in the ambience. The LED flood lights available in the market may come in dimmable form that can be dimmed from 0-10V while also being compatible with most standard dimmers in the market. For garden lighting and any landscape, the use of motion sensors lends you additional safety and security by alerting you to an intruder. Some LED flood lights may come with an in-built motion sensor, if not, you can always have an external motion sensor.


With those benefits in mind, when you choose LED flood lights for any industrial, commercial or residential landscape lighting, rest assured, you will stay safe and relaxed for as long as 5-6 years, 50,000 hours being the specified lifespan of these lights.

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