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Why Do People Pick LED Bulbs Over CFL?

Why Do People Pick LED Bulbs Over CFL?
Why Do People Pick LED Bulbs Over CFL?
Why Do People Pick LED Bulbs Over CFL?
Why Do People Pick LED Bulbs Over CFL?

There was a time when tiny bulbs were great support for the people.  Iron lanterns had become passe and Edison bulbs were in vogue. Then time evolved and CFL’s scripted a new story. With low energy consumption, these lights sold like a hot cake. People didn’t imagine anything better than these lights, they were pretty sure nothing could surpass CFL bulbs. But the real surprise was yet to come. The invention of LED bulbs changed the whole dynamics.  

Superior bulbs available in various wattage viz. 7.5 watts, 9 watts, 12 watts, and 15.5 watts effortlessly replaced CFL’s. There were many things in bulbs that were far better than CFL bulbs like Edison bulbs don’t carry good resistance against adverse climate, whereas LEDs have good resistance power.  

When we talk about lifespan, simple bulbs last only a few months, whereas superior LEDs have a longer lifespan, yes, sometimes they survive more than 5 years.

LED Bulbs


  • There is no doubt CFL bulbs are much better than Edison Bulbs, but they can’t compete with LED lights.

  • According to lighting experts, CFL bulbs perform better on floors, whereas advance LED performs exceptionally well on heights.

  • CFL bulbs need time to warm up, whereas LEDs instantly spread the glow. Not to mention, LED lights to have 10 times more life than CFL bulbs.

  • Not investing much in words, presenting the graph that talks a lot about various bulbs.


    In the present times, when resources are depleting, it is time to think about ways to conserve energy. Picking LED lights can be one of the ways, provided you know about your needs. You can’t choose a low wattage bulb, when you need high wattage, vice versa, you should not pick high wattage bulb, when you need low wattage.

    In case, you don’t have knowledge how to pick LED bulbs, you can talk to our customer care executives or post the query on this website.   

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