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Why Do We Need LED Solar Lights?

LED Solar lights
LED Solar lights
LED Solar lights
LED Solar lights

Using Solar lighting can be a lifesaver! But how? Well, by seeing the increasing demand for energy-consumption drastically, It’s been difficult for the authorities to provide energy to all. Because the demand is high and the resources are limited! This is where LED Solar Lights plays an important role because of these lights operates at (DC energy). 

These turns to be a total revolution in the lighting industry. Because these solar lights save 100% of energy without compromising the illumination output. Moreover, these lights are eco-friendly and would not lead to any harm to the surroundings.

In this article section, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions which have been asked by people. Here is the list of those questions:

  • How Does LED Solar Lights Work?
  • Do Solar Lights Lasts Forever? 
  • Is LED Solar Street Lights is Weatherproof?
  • Do solar lights work on cloudy days? 

How Does LED Solar Lights Work? 

Operates with solar-powered, photovoltaic cells absorbs the sunlight during the day to charge the rechargeable lithium battery. It stops producing energy at night because of the photoresistor, which detects the absence of light and activates the lithium battery, which turns on the LEDs.  How Does LED Solar Lights Work?

As we all know that is powered by the sun, so you have to make sure that is placed in the area, where they receive direct sunlight- ideally for 8-hours and more. 

Do Solar Lights Lasts Forever?

As we all know that everything has a saturation point. But you can say that these LED Solar lights can last for a long period of time if maintained properly. The fixture contains a rechargeable battery, you can replace the batteries periodically and can order them online. 

Do Solar Lights Lasts Forever?

These Solar Lights is having a lithium battery, can run up to 1000 cycles and having 50,000 hours of operational life. 

Are LED Solar Street Lights Weatherproof?

While these solar lights are designed for outdoor lighting and also has a IP65-rating which ensures the full proof protection from dust and water. 

On the other side, these lights are mostly preferred in use for street lighting, because of this is also having inbuilt-surge protection. Which provides the protection from lightning and thunder strikes, and makes the fixture completely weatherproof.  

Do solar lights work on cloudy days?

So basically, these lights required solar power to get charged which they received from the sun. On cloudy or rainy days certainly blocks the sun-light, but somewhere your panel is still receiving the energy but not that much. 

Do solar lights work on cloudy days?

Even if the clouds remain for several days, your light still works because of the stored energy in the batteries. If your solar lights would not receive solar lights for many days, in that condition it will affect the life and efficiency of the battery. 


In this blog, we tried to cover your some doubts by answering some of you’re a question. We hope it will help you with choosing the right for your place. Well, you can also visit LEDMyplace for cheap and efficient solar lights for your place.

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