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Why Going With Explosion Proof Lighting Is The Best Decision?

Explosion Proof Lighting
Explosion Proof Lighting
Explosion Proof Lighting
Explosion Proof Lighting


Safety is the utmost priority one should focus on when working in extremely critical areas. This is why you should always opt for lights that will not end up creating havoc. Explosion proof lighting is the best lighting solution for petroleum loading docks, oil refineries, distilleries, etcetera. LED lights that are certified as explosion proof are indeed the best lighting option in these critical areas as they check all the checkboxes of the safety protocols.

Thus, the safer the lights, the better it will be for people and the environment. In order to provide workers better and safer working environment, it is a must that people opt for explosion proof lighting. Lights can be a prime reason behind workplace fire accidents. This is the reason why these extremely critical areas ask for lights that are made under necessary safety concerns. Moving on, we will discuss why going with explosion proof lights is the best decision. Therefore, the fixtures that are designed to prevent igniting sparks when illuminating comes under the explosion proof lighting category.

Why going with explosion proof lighting is a better decision?

explosion proof lighting

It has a robust structure.

Explosion proof lights have a unique design that is sturdy and will not tamper with quite easily. As a result, the fixture does not ignite sparks and ends up creating workplace accidents. The fixture neither explodes when it comes in contact with fire nor creates fire itself.

The fixture is secured with a thick and robust casing that does not expose inside gases to act as a hazardous agent. Simultaneously, no foreign elements can enter the fixture’s body and turn it into an explosive. This is the reason why these lights are considered appropriate for oil refineries and fuel storage because they reduce the risk of accidents pretty impressively.

It has numerous options.

Each workplace environment asks for different lighting. Areas that need explosion proof LED lights ask for portable LED lights. Mobility and flexibility are the main reasons behind that. Other than that, there are fixed options also. You can install the lights at any particular corner of the workspace and ensure they deliver a better lighting performance.

It should be certified to use in extreme locations.

Explosion proof lights need to be certified by a reliable certification council that ensures the quality and safety of the lights. ETL and API are some trusted certification boards that ensure the safety standard of these LED explosion proof lights. 

To make sure that you are opting for a reliable lighting choice for your location, it is a must that you check for these necessary certifications. Thus, these boards ensure that the lights are far from explosive and will be safer to use in hazardously risky environments.

Explosion Proof Lighting

It must have excellent lighting performance and efficiency.

Apart from safety, performance is the key point that one should look for in explosion proof lighting because, in the end, it matters the most. You are obviously not going to set up different lighting fixtures in different areas just to get a better lighting impact.

Therefore, it is a must for lights to promote better visibility to reduce the chances of errors and accidents. The fewer the chances of accidents, the better the productivity will be, and people will feel comfortable working around the premise.

In the end, you can always count on explosion proof lighting for your workspace, as they will last impressively for about 50,000 hours. Not just that, you can also find dimmable LED explosion proof lights in a higher CCT value that will help create a visible work premise.

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