Why is High CRI Important in LED Strip Lights?

Why is High CRI Important in LED Strip Lights?


Are you confused with the term CRI? Well, it is an important factor that you must consider while purchasing any lighting fixture, whether LED strip lights or others. CRI is an abbreviation of the color rendering index that shows the capability of the lighting fixture to render the colors of the surroundings accurately. For instance, if you put an apple under the lighting of high CRI LED strip lights, you will see the precise color as you see it under the natural sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to check the CRI value of the light fixture as it helps in increasing visibility. The blog goes over CRI as it connects to strip lights.

What is a High CRI Value?

A high CRI value can deliver the perfect color rendering result by dispersing brightness with an equal or more than a 95 CRI score. Usually, CRI is calculated on a scale with a possible score of 100. As per the scale, the natural lighting comes with a value of 100 CRI, which shows the exact colors as they are. On the other hand, the artificial light source is capable of delivering brightness with a high CRI value of 95, making objects visible similar to what they look under natural light. After knowing the importance of high CRI, it is quite beneficial to go with high CRI LED strip lights to get full accuracy in rendering the surrounding colors.

Along with this, the range of color temperatures also makes it easy for anyone to get better visibility under the lighting. Usually, LED strip lights come with a color temperature ranging from 3000K to 6500K, and you can easily observe different experiences with each value of color temperature. If you want the highest color quality in your premise, you should consider both values together.

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How does CRI relate to Color Temperature?

If you need clarification about understanding the relationship between correlated color temperature and color rendering index, you should understand the meaning of both. Basically, correlated color temperature is used to describe the hues of white light emitted by a light source. When it comes to appearance, CCT, which is known as the color temperature, has a direct impact on the lighting color that can show the surroundings differently. For example, it is simple to understand that the CCT of 3000K will disperse warm white light, 4000K will provide daylight white, and 6500K will emit crystal white light throughout the area. Along with high CRI LED strip lights, you must choose a greater value of CCT for excellent visibility.

Why are High CRI LED Strip Lights Important for Certain Applications?

Generally, LED strip lights are used for decorative purposes which means you can install the lights wherever you want eye-catching brightness. If you want to know some places where high CRI LED strip lights are required to install, you can put them at some places where you want better visibility. There are many applications where you can use your strip lights with high CRI value such as living rooms, kitchen counters, under cabinet, landscapes, etc. With ease, you can efficiently form a creative structure by placing the strip lights accordingly. It will be interesting for you to choose appropriate strip lights for your applications.

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