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Why LED Lights For Office Lighting?

led office lighting
led office lighting
led office lighting
led office lighting

Many myths about office lighting have been debunked already, and some still need a more in-depth look. 

Our body, willingness to work, is very attuned to nature lights. In the work culture of the 21st century, this reality has been dumped as if it was a myth. Natural lights make you more productive, and thousands of researches back this fact. 

In research conducted about how lighting affects productivity in “The Responsible Workplace,” it was shown that windows were the number one determinant of the occupants’ level of satisfaction with a building. 

Unfortunately, not many offices today believe in such facts. Not many of them take this seriously and do not care about the limited access they have to natural light. 

The color temperature of daylight is between 5000K and 7000K. The daylight color temperature varies throughout the day. 

Thankfully in the past, LEDs have solved many of these problems. LEDs can render color temperatures like those of the daylight. It has been found that LEDs can mimic those color temperatures and can thus have the same impact on will power and productivity as natural lights. 

What Effect Does Old Lighting Have?

Office lighting is an essential part of your business. Office lighting is not natural lighting. Office lighting, which is mostly the old lighting tech (incandescent bulbs), does the opposite of natural lights. Employees working in natural light feel less tired towards the end of the day than those working in artificial lighting. 

Research has also shown that individuals who were exposed to 173% more of the natural lights, sleep deeply for an extra 46 minutes. Working in natural views or in the color temperature of that natural lights also improves the quality of your sleep. Artificial lighting, on the other hand, does the opposite. 

Artificial lighting meddles with natural body clock, so in the end, it also tampers with the blood pressure and heart rates as well. 

led office lighting

According to research, more than two-thirds of the US workspaces are going through productivity decline. 

Health Issues Caused By Fluorescent Lights In A Nutshell-

  1. Have you ever suffered from migraines?

 Ignore artificial lighting right away. It will bring it back.

  1. Working in the evening or night shifts?

Try as hard as you can to switch to LEDs. Fluorescent lights can destroy your sleep cycles.

  1. Working in the fluorescent lights for years can radiate your cells enough to cause cancer. 

What Does LED do?

Many studies done in the past about LED indicate that LEDs are productivity booster like daylight. LEDs impact productivity and alertness, closest to the degree of natural lights. Any place where people work or study should go for LEDs. 

When not in the natural lighting, or under the illumination of fluorescent lights, individuals show delayed cognitive responses. While in the opposite scenario, when illuminated by LED lights, response times turned back to normal. 

 help workers to complete their work with ease without causing any strain on the eye (which is by the way because of low flickering levels of LED lights). Natural daylight-like LED illumination impact the mood and alertness of the employees like natural light. 


Anything that affects the productivity of workers affects business growth. If it impacts your business in the wrong way, then you should replace it right away. Consider installing LED office lighting fixture and see the difference it brings. 

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