Why LED Panels Succeed Over Fluorescent Tubes?

1x4 LED Panel Lights

A simple comparison between LED panels and fluorescent tubes reveals that which light is efficient and beneficial for the operator. Most of the corporates used to pay costly utility bills because of the constant lighting operations.

The LEDs are invented to operate on the low energy consumption which leads to saving and energy and money on the lighting bills. The operator could save at least 75% of energy remains depends on the usage.

But with the LED panel light, you can illuminate the area whole day at low wattage (energy) consumption along with that, it also allows to reduce more energy intake by using dimmer.

In this article post, LEDMyplace divulges why most people consider panel lights over fluorescent tubes.

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Brief About LED Panel & Fluorescent Tubes

Let us impart, why are both the fixtures different from each other? The below table would clear the difference between panel and fluorescent light source.


LED Panel

Fluorescent Tubes

Wattage Available

40W, 45W, 50W, 70W

100W, 150W, 200W, 400W

Lumen Output

4000 - 9000lm

3000 - 5000lm


4000K, 5000K, 6500K








Beam Angle





Energy Star

The table shows that there is a major difference between panels and fluorescents.

  • The wattage availability shows that LEDs consume less energy compared with fluorescents.
  • Lumen always defines the brightness level of lighting output of the fixture. The more lumen you’ll get at low wattage intake, it would be more beneficial for the operator.
  • CCT and CRI describe the shade and quality of light. CRI (color rendering index) must be high to illuminate the indoor space with quality light.
  • With the dimmable feature, you can set the outcome from 0V - 10V which reduce wattage consumption.
  • Light distribution matters a lot when it comes to lightening up the wide indoor space. Both of the beam angles are particularly good according to the installation area.

Status Of LED Panels In The Market

The global lighting market has been raised by 13% in 2017, according to Zion Market Research.

The primary benefits of LED panels have earned N numbers of happy customers. In addition, LEDs are energy efficient, higher brightness, longer lifespan which make them convenient fixtures for the operator.

These lights are mostly being used in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

At The Last

Essentially, LED panels are suitable for all kind of indoor space. An IP44 rated fixture can protect the panel light from dust and water ingression. Even the US government has banned fluorescent tubes because of the inclusion of hazardous components in tubes.

It’s the right time to switch your current light source with the smart LED lights.


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