Why Most Conventional Bulbs Fail and LED Bulbs Succeed?

Why Most Conventional Bulbs Fail and LED Bulbs Succeed?

Did you know the reason behind why the US Government has banned conventional bulbs? Read the full story...

After the US government changed the lighting fixture standards, they banned conventional bulbs because they contain hazardous components which affect the environment in it. When the LED technology come to the market, many people were afraid to make a switch.


The conventional bulbs burn out quicker than others because they heat up after the long hours of use. The maximum life of this lighting fixture is six months that’s why most people have switched to LED bulbs.

Most Americans are unaware of the phaseout of conventional bulbs. They got used to paying costly lighting bills and tired of trying saving energy from the daily routine.

In this article blog, we’ll tell you conventional bulbs fail and LED Light Bulbs succeed in the lighting industry.


A conventional lighting fixture operates on high wattage consumption which increases the lighting bill at every usage


LED Bulbs operate on low energy consumption without letting you compromise with the lighting requirement also trim the utility bills.


As we have already mentioned that the conventional bulbs do have a shorter life than LEDs. Let us explain the lifespan of both the fixtures and why do both of them have different working hours.

Well, the conventionals are fragile fixtures which are not able to work in challenging conditions. By the way, the life of this fixture is 15,000 hours but it is nothing in front of the LED bulb’s lifespan which is more than 50,000 hours along with that LEDs are shatterproof.

Lighting Dispersion

Conventionals are known for their warm lighting shade which brightens the surface with the blurry light. Although, the light shade of a smart LED bulb is brighter and lighten the objects with their original color. Most of the showrooms, retail stores, and such places install LED bulbs to differentiate the color difference for the customers.

Features of an Ideal Lighting Output

  • High CRI: - For light quality
  • High CCT: - For light shade
  • High lumen output: - To get a high amount of light
  • Dimmable LED Light Bulb

Flicker and Weird Noise

The flickering can be caused by a bad light socket or a poor electrical connection somewhere in the wires leading to the light or a bad switch. LEDs don’t flicker and make any weird noise after the long working hours.

At The End

Buying cheap conventional bulbs would not let you save money if you want to save money for a long time then choose LED Bulbs with the one-time investment you can start to save 75% money on your lighting bills without putting any extra effort.

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