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Why Outdoor LED Corn Bulb Is Ideal For Retail Clothing Store Lighting?

Think of yourself as a customer walking into a retail clothing store that is deficient in lighting and has dark corners here and there. How would you feel? And, would you prefer to buy from that store? If the answer to these questions is a big ‘No’, then don’t be surprised as to why a lot of emphases is given by fashionistas to having right levels of lighting not just when showcasing the dresses on the red carpet fashion show but at any retail outlet too. An outdoor LED corn bulb is one of those LED lights that will let you outshine your store in a busy marketplace.  

So, what exactly does it mean to have just the right kind of light?

In this blog, I  will try to address this question in every possible way. Let me begin with the explanation on what it means to have just the right kind of ‘retail clothing store lighting’ and then move on to explaining how this LED bulb differs from all other bulbs including conventional bulbs or even A-type LED bulbs to provide you with just the right kind of ‘retail store lighting’.

What Does It Mean To Have Retail Clothing Store Lighting?

It’s not just the fashion shows where you need intense, bright light and light that can revolve around the ramp models for the designers’ dresses to be accurately displayed. Since the same fashion trend is followed by small-medium scale designers once the style begins trending, the retail clothing store to needs the same kind of lighting. And so, having the right kind of light in the store would mean much more than just brightness or significant energy-savings, though these are the two most important features of good quality light.  

The retail clothing store is an outlet where it’s not just the apparel of different styles and colors that are displayed, but a place where customers want to feel their best. Can one shop for anything if not in a good mood? The light that can set the mood right by creating a great ambiance wins the heart of the customer so that a customer may even get into an unintended or better say, ‘impulse purchase’.  

In a nutshell, a customer wants to enter into a retail clothing store where the lighting can provide them the much-needed comfort, ambiance along with adequate brightness levels for them to accurately see the subtle differences between many different types of clothes and then make the final choice out of many. Else, it’s a complete waste of any fashion designer’s effort.

How An Outdoor LED Corn Bulb Differs From Other Bulbs?

With the need for every store manager or owner to understand the importance of lighting towards an increased sales revenue, the following points should help them in making a good purchasing decision, when it comes to lighting.

360 Degree Lighting

An LED corn bulb emits light with a 360 degree light beam angle which is what you just need when displaying the best of clothing in your store. According to lighting specialists, frontal lighting and ample side lighting is vital not just to make the display spaces adequately bright but the dressing or fitting rooms too. Remember, adequate light level stimulates your customers to stay in for longer hours so as to finally end up buying something. An LED corn bulb emits light in all directions allowing one to look at merchandise from all angles.

The Color Temperature

The color of the light plays a vital role in creating just the right kind of ambiance. An LED corn bulb available in 5700K (daywhite light) is great from the purpose of accurately viewing merchandise. This light mimics the natural light and so lets the customer stay focused and alert while he/she is indulged in a shopping spree. None of the traditional lights such as HID or metal-halides has the capacity to create such an energizing atmosphere since the CCTs they are mostly available range from 2700K to 3400K.    

High CRI

A high color rendering is vital to seeing the objects as real and authentic. An LED corn bulb with a CRI of 80+ enables the merchandise to look real up to 80% precision in comparison to what they would look in the natural light.  


To sum it up all, considering the kind of light distribution it has along with color temperature and color rendering ability, an outdoor LED corn bulb makes a perfect case for retail clothing lighting. Your fashionable garments on sale would be an incomplete project in itself if the lighting inside the store is not as good as the one emitted by an LED corn bulb. For more details on this product, you may call the contact number provided on the website of LEDMyPlace.  

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