Why To Replace Fluorescent Light Fixtures With LED Panels?

Replace Fluorescent Light Fixtures With LED Panels

Somewhere you must have realized that you are paying high-cost energy bills. In the era of latest technologies have taken a huge space in your life such as the internet, smartphones, coffee machines, smart refrigerators, smart LED televisions, and much more smart appliances than don’t you think you should have a smart lighting solution for your space.

First of all, let us tell what smart appliances do with your life.

  • Make your life easier
  • Saves your time
  • Instant results
  • And the last, reduce energy consumption

These are the things that you expect you with your appliances than why to stuck with the fluorescent light fixtures. Do they benefit in a single way, yes they lighten your space but that’s what exactly a flashlight does, you can’t use it, like obviously.

At LEDMyplace, we helped so many individuals to find their ideal lighting solution, no matter what kind of indoor space you have whether it's commercial, residential, or industrial.

Fluorescent Light Fixtures With LED Panels

In this article, we tell you why you should switch to LED Panels from fluorescent lights. Firstly, let’s have a look at the features of both the fixtures.


Fluorescent Lights

LED Panels

Wattage Consumption

60W Minimum


Beam Angle

Non-directional lighting output

Directional lighting output


16,000 hours

50,000+ hours

Color Temperature


4000K, 5000K




Why It Is So Important To Replace Fluorescent Fixtures With LED Panels?

Well, most of our customers asked this question, let us give a brief about it.

Firstly, they are flexible in design and portable. By using LED Panels, there is no need to spent dollars on the lighting bills, it reduces energy consumption by 75% than fluorescent lights.

The light distribution of this fixture is brighter than fluorescent ones. In accordance with the customers’ requirements, we manufactured them to fulfill all the lighting desires as the customers expect with the LED lighting fixture.

LED lighting fixture

Good aluminum material keeps the fixture cool and makes them durable and efficient also a good heat dissipation function. With the high lumen output, these LED ceiling lights illuminate the space with high-quality lighting and leave the space with zero dark spots. Unlike fluorescent lighting fixture, LED panel doesn’t require any costly maintenance treatment.

When it comes about safety, how do you trust a fixture on its safety measures? Well, certification speaks louder about the fixture more than fixture’s feature and specifications. It is a UL and DLC certified LED fixture which specifies that the appliances have been tested for their performance.

UL listed LED lighting products doesn’t short circuit and don’t even catch fire while the working. The purpose of this certification is to mark the product as a safer lighting device.

DLC certification provides identification to the product to make a product able to meet certain guidelines for better performance. With better performance, you can get decent incentives and rebate to increase the program-participation on a large scale.

What Are The Issues With Fluorescent Light Fixtures?

LEDs are one of the most top lighting solutions that increase the demand for LED lighting technology in the market. This lighting solution is the only solution to reduce the lighting cost without making an effort. In this section of the article, we tell you the main issues with the fluorescent lights.

Issues With Fluorescent Light Fixtures

  1. Continuous Buzz Sound: When you turn on the fluorescent fixture it makes a continuous buzz sound which makes a kind of disturbance while working.
  2. Hazardous Content: This fixture is well known for the harmful mercury component which directly impacts the health. LED fixtures are not just mercury-free but also non-toxic lighting fixture.
  3. Non-Dimmable: These fixtures doesn’t allow you to set the lighting output as per your requirements. The dimming features dim the lighting which leads to reducing lighting consumption.
  4. Early Failures: As you have already seen in the above chart that fluorescent fixtures don’t come with the longer lifespan which might be major trouble for you.
  5. White Tint: Lighting output of this light is quite non-impressive because of these fixtures emits the blurry lighting to space.
  6. Wattage Consumption: Fluorescent lighting fixtures consume high-wattage energy and output isn’t worthy.

After the LED lighting technology has been introduced with the people, 66% approx of the population has switched to the latest technology and these LED fixtures fulfill the lighting desires as everyone want at their space.

At The End

We hope that you find much of the reasons to switch your current lighting fixture with the LED Panels. With this lighting fixture, you can lead yourself to future saving. There is no need to doubt on the abilities of this panel lights, in case if you have, the UL & DLC certification would clear your doubtful mind.

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