You can’t afford to miss these details while picking LED Panel Lights?

led panel lights

Want to save on your energy bill by replacing your existing modular ceiling lights with LED Panel lights? Don’t forget these steps.

You might have various reasons to replace your existing light fixture, it could be maintenance cost or energy bill, anyways we know you won’t lose money. Now the main factor is, what should be kept in the mind while doing so…

The size of the panels: Once the old fitting is removed, it takes minutes to install Panel Lights. If you have refurbished the place, then you can install LED Panel Lights to enhance the looks of the place. While switching to panels, you must be aware of the size. This size could be 2x2 or 2x4. Here we would like to mention, Integral LED panels can be surface mounted or recessed fitted into a plaster ceiling.


Power in Panels: When it is fluorescent, around 40% of the light is always lost. Whereas if it is integral LED Panels then its wider beam angle helps in covering a larger area, so if you have decided to replace fluorescent with a panel, your decision isn’t wrong. As per one reading, in traditional lighting around 88 watts is consumed, whereas in LED Panels you get similar output by consuming 25 watts.

Latest LED Panels are energy saving: Not all LED Panel Lights are energy savvy. LED Panels with the latest technology are more energy savvy. When you are picking LED Panel do make sure, you pick the one that has all the innovative features.         

Color Temperature: The color temperature decides the appearance of the light. Like, 4000 to 5000 K for offices, schools and complex and 2700 K to 3000 for nursing homes. Now which color temperature suits you, that you have to decide.

Dimmable: In case you don’t need more light, then you can go for the dimmable driver, this way you could save on your energy bill too.


LED Panel lights are in vogue, not because of their sleek and savvy looks, but also for their energy saving trait. If you are thinking to replace your old fixture with panel lights, then you must be aware of panel size; total energy consumed dimmability and how far these lights are beneficial for you. In case you have any doubt, you can have a conversation with our customer care executive.

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