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Backlit/Frontlit, Vanity Mirror with Lights, Touch Switch, Anti-Fog, Adjustable 3-Color Temperature & Remembrance, CRI 90+, LED Mirror for Bathroom, Accord Style - 24 X 36 Inch

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Backlit/Frontlit, Vanity Mirror with Lights, Touch Switch, Anti-Fog, Adjustable 3-Color Temperature & Remembrance, CRI 90+, LED Mirror for Bathroom, Accord Style - 24 X 36 Inch

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Size_: 24 X 36 Inch


This LED lighted bathroom mirror showcases sleek, aesthetic style and sophistication. The premium silver-backed glass delivers a clear, crisp, and flawless reflection. As a functional piece of art, this LED Frontlit Mirror offers dimmable daylight illumination tailored for your cosmetic, hygiene, and dressing needs. Enjoy the convenience of the unique built-in defogger mechanism, ensuring a fog-free mirror every time

Product Highlights:

- Easy Installation: This LED vanity mirror is designed for straightforward and hassle-free installation, making it convenient for any bathroom setup. 

- One Touch On/Off: The mirror features a simple touch control for easy On/Off functionality, allowing you to operate the LED lights with a single touch.

- Defogger: Equipped with a built-in defogger, this mirror ensures a clear reflection even in steamy bathroom conditions, eliminating the need for manual wiping.

- CCT Changeable with Remembrance: Adjust the Correlated Color Temperature to your preference with ease, featuring a memory function that recalls your last setting. you can change the kelvin( temperature of your mirror)  ensuring optimal lighting for various tasks like makeup application or shaving.

- No Swirl Marks or Spots: The mirror’s surface is designed to remain free of swirl marks and spots, providing a pristine and clear reflection at all times.

- CRI >90: With a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 90, this mirror offers exceptional color accuracy, making your reflection appear true-to-life.

- Energy Saving: This mirror is energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills while providing excellent illumination.
50,000 Hours Life Expectancy: The LED vanity mirror boasts a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of continuous use, ensuring
durability and reliability.

- Slim & Sleek Design: Featuring a slim and sleek design, this mirror adds a touch of modesty to any bathroom décor.

3940 Lumens/(24x36) 3240 Lumens/(70x32) 7299 Lumens
71 Watt/(24x36) 48 Watt/(70x32) 82 Watt

Features of LED Lighted Vanity Bathroom Mirror with Defogger, Control Over Color Temperatures

  • Size: 24x36 inches, 48x36 inches, 70x32 inches
  • Turn ON/OFF: Touch Switch
  • Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
  • Warranty: 5 Years Replacement Warranty
  • Defogger: Yes
  • Color Temperature: Changeable
  • Wattage : 48W, 71W, 82W


Brand: LEDMyplace
CCT: 3000/4000/6000 Kelvin
Color Rendering Index(CRI): 90+
Housing: Aluminum
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): MR016
Safety Rating: ETL, RoHS Listed
Voltage: 100-120 Volts
Wattage: (48x36) 71 Watt/(24x36) 48 Watt/(70x32) 82 Watt
Brightness: (48x36) 3940 Lumens/(24x36) 3240 Lumens/(70x32) 7299 Lumens
Certifications: ETL, RoHS Listed
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 3000/4000/6000 Kelvin
IP Rating: IP44 Rated
Lumens: (48x36) 3940 Lumens/(24x36) 3240 Lumens/(70x32) 7299 Lumens
Power Factor: >0.9
Warranty: 5 Years Replacement

Product Review

Questions & Answers

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  • For 70x32 What is the weight? What are the total dimensions?

    The weight of this vanity mirror is 73 lbs. The dimensions are as follows :  L : 5.31, W : 77.95, H : 39.96

  • How heavy is the 48 x 36 mirror and how thick is the cord. Would you suggest a Recessed outlet that the cord can be placed into so it doesn't push against the back of the mirror. Thank you

    The weight of the mirror is 54lbs and the chord is approximately 1.8 mm. You can hard wire the mirror and operate it via switch.

  • Do both the back light and front light have to be on at the same time, or can they be turned on and off separately?

    I am sorry to inform you that  these cannot be turned on & off separately.

  • Where are you located

    We are located in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • We are building a new home, if the electrician hard wires the mirrors is the 5 year warranty still valid, will I still be able to dim the mirrors and how should the electrician hardwire the mirrors? Is this mirror copper free? What does the 5 year warranty include? Thank You, Mary

    If you hardwire the mirrors, I am sorry to inform you that the warranty will get void. These mirrors are not dimmable.

  • Are the lights replaceable

    Unfortunately the LED's are non replacable. However, if you face any product related issues during the warranty period please feel free to reach out to our customer service team for hassle free replacement process.

  • Can it be installed inside of a shower since it's waterproof?

    This is "splash proof" and protects from objects greater than 1 millimeter in size and water spray from any direction

  • I want to hang this mirror in the 36"x48" configuration (long sides vertical), not 48"x36". Does the installation hardware support this setup?

    Yes, you can mount this mirror vertically as well as horizontally.