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LED Corn Bulb, 18W/60W/100W/120W, 5700K, AC120-277V, Dimmable, Damp Location, UL, DLC & RoHS approved, For Garage Warehouse Outdoor Street Area Lighting - 18 Watt

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LED Corn Bulb, 18W/60W/100W/120W, 5700K, AC120-277V, Dimmable, Damp Location, UL, DLC & RoHS approved, For Garage Warehouse Outdoor Street Area Lighting - 18 Watt

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  • 5 Years Warranty
Wattage: 18 Watt

Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb, 360° Beam Angle, Base Types E26(for 18 watts) & E39(for 60W, 100W, 120W)

LED Corn Bulbs get their name from the fact that they resemble corn on the cob. All four sides of their tube consist of square light diode strips. This product is suitable for most domestic and industrial lighting applications, thanks to its design allowing for complete 360-Degree illumination.

LED Corn Bulbs to produce brighter and more intense light than any standard LED Bulb while being extremely energy efficient. Generally utilized in parks, parking lots, warehouses, and streets and are ideal for Post Top, High bay, and other general lighting fixtures. Designed to function efficiently in the voltage range of 120-277V, operational temperature -40 ~ +113°F, color temperature of 5700K, and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Available in 18 watts, 60 watts, 100 watts, and 120 watts wattage variants. They are also dimmer compatible(1-10V dimming).

Beam Angle

Features of LED Corn Bulb 18W/60W/100W/120W 5700K

  • Available Wattages: 18W/60W/100W/120W
  • Base Types & watt varaints: E26(for 18 watts varriant) & E39(for 60W, 100W, 120W)
  • Available Lumens :18W=2790lm/60W=9300lm/100W=15500lm/120W=18600lm
  • Wattage Equivalent: 18W Eq. 63W,60W Eq. 210W,100W Eq. 350W,120W Eq. 420W
  • Voltage: AC120-277V
  • Color Rendering Index(CRI): >80 CRI
  • Color Temperature: 5700K
  • IP Rating: IP64 Rated
  • Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Easy Installation

The installation of an LED corn bulb is quite simple: switch off the power, remove the present lighting fixture, and screw in the LED corn bulb. Then switch on the power. And you are all set, but you do need to bypass the ballast if it's a fluorescent lamp.

360-degree Illumination

The LED Corn Bulb has a 360-degree beam angle, which means it illuminates the entire circumference. 360-degree illumination is handy for outdoor signage, billboards, and indoor lighting of merchandise within a warehouse, barn, or anywhere where spectators are watching from all sides.

Low-Cost Maintenance

With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, the LED corn bulb does not require any maintenance or very little maintenance until the end of its lifespan.

Dimmable from 1 to 10V

The LED Corn Bulbs are dimmable from 1 to 10 volts and work with most conventional dimmers on the market. At 1 volt, the dimmer takes the light level to a minimum, while at 10 volts, the light level reaches its maximum.

Saves Energy

The LED Corn Bulb can save up to 75% of energy, resulting in up to 75% reduction in your monthly utility expenditure.

>50,000 hours of life

The LED Corn Bulbs are long-lasting and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

>80 CRI

The LED Corn Bulb has a higher color rendering than ordinary bulbs, which means the illumination is suited for situations and settings where authentic lighting is required, giving a near-natural light effect.

E26 Base and E39 base

The LED Corn bulbs are available on two bases: E26 (featured in the 18-watt variant) and E39 (featured in the 60W, 100, 120-watt variants). E26 is the standard base for which several fixtures are available easily in the market and are straightforward to install. E39 is the large or mogul base primarily used with HID Fixtures.


Base Type: E26(for 18 watts varriant) & E39(for 60W, 100W, 120W watts varraints)
Brand: LEDMyplace
Color Rendering Index(CRI): >80 CRI
Housing: Aluminum + Plastic
LED Type: SMD 2835
Lumens: 18W=2790lm/60W=9300lm/ 100W=15500lm/120W=18600lm
SKU: WEN-BWG5-18W/ WEN-BWG5-60W/ WEN-BWG5-100W/ WEN-BWG5-120W/
Warranty: 5 Years
Beam Angle: 360° Beam Angle
Certifications: CUL, DLC and RoHS approved
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 5700 Kelvin
IP Rating: IP64 Rated
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): CB011
Voltage: 120-277 Volt
Wattage: 18W/60W/100W/120W

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