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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: LED Wall Sconces | Decor Lighting

LED Wall Sconces are fascinating decorative lighting fixtures that help in enhancing the ambiance of the bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, offices, hotels, and other living spaces. These LED wall lights can exquisitely create a charming appearance with their natural lighting effect. Available in different shapes and sizes, these modern wall lighting fixtures are eligible for indoor and outdoor applications.

63 products

63 products

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About LED Wall Sconces | Decor Lighting

Much of what you know about the surroundings depends on what you see. Furthermore, visuals have a significant impact on how you perceive different places. Interior designers worldwide rely on the positive impact of lighting fixtures for amplifying the aesthetics of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. While we are here to help you with queries about various LED lighting fixtures, let's discuss Wall Sconces and see how you can use them to achieve desirable indoor transformations!

What Are Wall Sconces?

Wall sconces or wall lamps are lighting fixtures for walls. They are available in several styles, designs, and material choices. 

LED Wall Lights Styles

  • Contemporary = These wall sconces exude a modern style, and wall sconces are the most popular ones from this category.
  • Rustic = It is easy to find LED wall lamps in rustic designs. You can identify a rustic wall sconce by its aged, rough, and simple aesthetics.
  • Transitional = When thinking about the ornate grandeur of traditional wall lamps and the simplicity of modern lights, consider transitional LED wall lights and sconces. Find designs that complement your style and aesthetic needs, and you'll be able to enjoy the best of traditional and modern styles!
  • Retro = Also known as mid-century style, retro wall sconces impart timeless elegance, and it is relatively easy to find them in retro style. 
  • Art Decó = You can characterize an art decó wall sconce by its geometrical shape and symmetrical patterns. Most LED art decó wall sconces can double as modern wall art, making them a versatile and popular choice.
  • Industrial = Do you celebrate the simple aesthetics of industrial designs? If yes, industrial-style led wall sconce lighting fixtures are the way to go! The unfinished looks of the industrial-style wall sconces add to the beauty of an already-pretty living or workspace.

LED Wall Sconce Designs

  • Flush-mount = Flush-mount wall lights sit directly against the wall. Therefore, you will not see any gap between the wall and the lighting fixture.
  • Semi-flush mount = Semi-flush mount wall lamps suspend a few inches away from the wall. The slight gap between the lighting fixture and wall allows for an uplit effect.
  • Spotlight = LED spotlight wall sconces are ideal for study rooms, bedside tables, and other areas where you could use focused or concentrated lighting effects. 
  • Armed Wall Sconces = Armed or swing wall sconces feature one or more branches from the mounting plate and extend a few inches in front of a wall. These wall sconces impart elegance and ornate aesthetics without benign over-the-top!
  • Recessed Wall Sconces = Similar to recessed ceiling lights, these wall sconces fit into cavities in false walls. To install an open sconce in a concrete or stone wall, you'll have to cut out a cavity or hole. 
  • Lantern Wall Sconces = We don't have to explain this. Lantern-type LED wall lights are available for bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, offices, and other indoor or outdoor spaces. 
  • Wallchieres = Are you moved by the thought of combining the best features of a wall sconce and a torchiere floor lamp? Wallchieris are wall lamps that impart intricate details to otherwise bland rooms. These wall sconces feature branched designs and double as wall art in contemporary indoor spaces.
  • Uplight = LED-wall sconce lighting fixtures that provide an upward illumination are known as uplight designs.
  • Downlight = Wall sconce lighting fixtures that provide downward illumination are known as uplight designs.

Wall Sconces Materials

Wall Lights are available in several material options. While some material choices are specific to lampshades, others form a wall sconce. The most popular materials are:-

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Crystal
  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Acrylic

Why Choose Wall Sconce Lighting Fixtures?

  • Wall sconces complement and complete the design scheme of an indoor space. 
  • Installing LED wall Lights in the bedroom, living room, or other indoor areas uplifts the aesthetics and enhances the visual experience that an indoor space offers. 
  • Wall lamp fixtures are excellent secondary lighting fixtures, as you can use them in conjunction with other lighting fixtures, such as pendants, chandeliers, and general lighting bulbs. 
  • Depending on the wall sconce design you choose, it can serve as an accent light, ambient light, or task lighting fixture. 
  • Choosing the right designs allows setting a direct or indirect lighting effect in indoor spaces. 

Where Can You Install LED Wall Lights?

Depending on your designs, styles, and materials, Wall sconce lights are suitable for various residential, industrial, and commercial rooms. The most common areas where you can install wall sconces are:-

  • Above your Bedside table
  • Beside the fireplace
  • Beside your vanity mirror
  • Entryways
  • Galleries
  • Along the staircase
  • Above your study/work table
  • Above shelves and artworks
  • Beside the Kitchen sink

How To Choose The Perfect Wall Sconce Fixture?

There are many wall sconce styles and designs want you can chase for various indoor spaces. However, selecting suitable ones will depend on what you seek. If you are looking for a fresh design that can double as wall art, go for art decó style LED wall lights. If nostalgia is something you crave, installing a rustic wall sconce will fulfill your desire! Choosing the right wall sconce also depends on the application in mind. Suppose you need a wall lamp for accentuating an antique decoration item; you must select a spotlight-design wall sconce lighting fixture.

What Is The Right Placement Strategy For Wall Sconces?

As a rule of thumb, upward-facing wall sconces should be approximately 20 inches away from the ceiling. If you plan to install a series of wall sconces, place them at an equal distance. How far to position the lights depends on the size of the indoor space in consideration. 

In other situations, where the sconce must act as a task light, you may want to position it according to need. For bedside installation, sitting up in your bed and measuring a few inches up from your shoulder can decide the wall lamps' placement. In living rooms, you can install the wall sconces at about 60-64 inches above the floor.; that way, the fixture will be at eye level.

How Can You Benefit From LED Wall Sconce Fixture Installation?

  • Those who wish to elevate their homes' aesthetics can install various lighting fixtures, including wall sconces, and ensure a well-balanced lighting design. 
  • Install an LED wall lamp plug-in, and you'll be glad about saving energy while enjoying an aesthetic indoor lighting ambiance. 
  • Sophisticated lighting fixtures that highlight different finishes and materials combine various interior design elements. 
  • Our LED Wall Lights & Sconces feature premium-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship so that you can be sure about longevity and reliability. 


Q: What is an LED wall sconce?
A: An LED wall sconce is a type of lighting fixture designed to be mounted on walls. It provides both functional illumination and decorative appeal. It utilizes light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source, offering energy efficiency and a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Q: Where can I use an LED wall sconce in my home or business?
A: LED wall lights are versatile and can be used in various areas, such as:-

  1. Living rooms = To add ambient or accent lighting, enhancing the overall atmosphere.
  2. Hallways and corridors = To provide safe and guided passage with soft, even illumination.
  3. Bedrooms = As reading lights or to create a cozy ambiance.
  4. Bathrooms = As task lighting around mirrors or as general lighting.
  5. Entryways = To welcome guests with warm and inviting light.
  6. Outdoor spaces = To illuminate exterior walls, patios, or balconies for safety and aesthetics. 

Q: Can LED wall lights be used as the primary lighting source in a room?
A: LED wall lights are generally more suitable as supplementary or accent lighting rather than the primary illumination source in a room. While they can provide adequate light for certain tasks or create a specific ambiance, they may not offer the comprehensive illumination needed for larger spaces. For primary lighting, it's best to combine wall sconces with other light sources, such as ceiling lights or floor lamps, to achieve balanced and sufficient illumination.