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UFO LED High Bay Light 240/220/200 Watt Adjustable, 5700K, 150LM/W-155LM/W, 120-277VAC, IP65, UL, DLC Listed, 1-10V Dim, For Warehouse Factory Workshops Gymnasium & Supermarket Lighting

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UFO LED High Bay Light 240/220/200 Watt Adjustable, 5700K, 150LM/W-155LM/W, 120-277VAC, IP65, UL, DLC Listed, 1-10V Dim, For Warehouse Factory Workshops Gymnasium & Supermarket Lighting

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  • 30 Days Return
  • 5 Years Warranty
Wattage: 240W
Color/Finish: 5700K

Industrial High Bay LED Lights, High CRI, 0-10V Dimming, UL cUL Certificate, 90°PC Lens, For Exhibition Hall, Highway Toll Station

Introducing the versatile UFO LED High Bay Light by LEDMyplace, offering adjustable wattage options of 240W, 220W, or 200W to cater to diverse lighting needs. With customizable color temperature settings ranging 5700K, this light adapts effortlessly to any environment. Boasting an impressive luminous efficacy of 150-155 lumens per watt, it ensures efficient and bright illumination while conserving energy. Designed for durability and reliability, it operates within a voltage range of 120-277VAC and boasts an IP65 rating for protection against dust and water ingress. Perfect for lighting up spaces like warehouses, factories, workshops, gyms, and supermarkets, it offers high color rendering for accurate color representation. Featuring 0-10V dimming capability, it allows for precise control over brightness levels. Moreover, it comes with UL and cUL certifications, guaranteeing adherence to safety standards. Equipped with a 90° PC lens, it ensures uniform light distribution, making it an ideal choice for venues such as exhibition halls and highway toll stations.

Watt Replacement
Beam Angle

Features of 240W/220W/200W Wattage Adjustable UFO High Bay LED Lights:

  • Available Wattage: 240W/220W/200W Wattage Adjustable
  • Color Temperature Available: 5700K
  • Wattage Equivalent: 840W
  • Lumens: 37,200
  • Beam Angle: 90 degree
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Voltage: 120V - 277V
  • Color: Black
  • IP65 Rated 
  • UL, DLC approved
  • 5 years of Manufacturer's Warranty

Easy Installation

It’s an easy installation for the recessed lighting provided through UFO high bay. The hanging ring that comes with our UFO high bay must be inserted into the hole of the lamp and must be tightened through a bolt on the hanging ring itself so that UFO lamp is now firmly fixed. This must be now mounted on the ceiling via a hook. For details, you must check the complete manufacturer’s instructions that come along with the product. 

Hook Mount

For hook mounting of the UFO high bay, you must have a hook that is heavier than the lamp. Make sure the weight of the hook is 3-4 times heavier than the UFO lamp.

Thermal Heat Dissipation

The UFO high bay lighting fixtures come with a big heat sink manufactured out of aluminium for excellent heat dissipation.

Premium LED Chips

In order to maintain highest quality of the product, we use premium LED chips from Epistar. The chips are packaged inside the product with high precision and accuracy to render maximum operational efficiency to the product. 

IP 65 Water Proof

This rating means our UFO high bay is protected against dust-tight and water ingress coming through a nozzle made possible through a driver inside the product.  

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

This product comes with a beam angle that is too wide and not less than 110 degree which is utilized for illumination of wide areas and huge spaces.

Rugged Construction

The housing of our UFO high bay is designed in rugged die-cast aluminium to impart the fixture the necessary durability for withstanding any external tampering. 

Low Cost Maintenance

Upto  50,000 hours and with very less lumen depreciation till the end of its lifespan, very low maintenance is needed and hence the costs are also low. 

1-10 Dimmable

The UFO high bay as a dimmable product can be dimmed from 1 volt to 10 volts, 1V being the minimum light level that can be achieved and 10V being the highest level of dimming allowed by the dimmer. At 10 volts, the controlled lighting is at 100% of its potential output. Make sure you have a compatible dimmer for our UFO high bay dimmable light. 

CRI >80

The more than standard CRI for UFO high bay helps viewing of objects and surfaces with greater clarity and in their true colors in comparison to what they would look without any artifical lighting. 

Motion Sensor (Optional)

The motion sensor comes as an accessory and you can choose to have this with our UFO high bay as it helps in alerting you to an intruder especially when you are away. 

Rebate Eligible 

The UFO high bay being DLC approved comes within the scope of rebate-eligibility criteria and hence you can be eligible for rebate if you decide to have one of our leading products under the commercial segment -- UFO high bay. 

Compatible Dimmers

This product is compatible with the following dimmers. These dimmers work perfectly with our lights.

  • DS710
  • IP710
  • NFTV
  • H4FBL3PW

**For any other Dimmer please contact our customer support or check with your electrician.


Beam Angle: 90° Beam Angle
CCT: 5700k
Color Rendering Index(CRI): >80 CRI
Diameter: 15.75 In
DLC Listed: Yes
Fixture Color: Black
IP Rating: IP65 Rated
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): UF006
Replaces: 840 Watt Replacement
SKU: WEN-HB02-240WD1-5700K
Warranty: 5 Years
Weight: 16.75 Lbs
Brand: LEDMyplace
Certifications: UL, DLC Listed
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 5700K
Dimmable: 1-10V Dimmable
DLC Model no.: WEN-HB07-240WS1BT2A1-abc57
Housing: Aluminum
Lens Type: Clear Glass
Lumens: 37200 Lumens
Power Factor: >0.9
Shape: UFO
Voltage: 120V - 277 Volt
Wattage: 240W/220W/200W Wattage Adjustable
Operating Temperature: -4 Degree F To +113 Degree F

Product Review

Questions & Answers

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  • i just built a 40' x 60' x 16' high ceilings how many light should i get

    In order to illuminate this high ceiling, you will need approximately 2 lights.

  • Would the lights be appropriate for a car wash bay? Are they waterproof? Thank you.

    These lights are meant for indoor use only, rest these are IP65. I would like to suggest you that you should put these lights at a height where these don't get in contact with water.

  • I have a 6000sqft space with ceilings that are about 30ft. How many lights would I need to light it?

    Hi, I am Kevin from LEDMyplace. Generally, we recommend our customers to put UFOs 10-12 ft apart to get the optimum light. I request you to please send the L, H & W on our email address, so that I can suggest you better.

    Contact no. : 815-697-5223
    Email :

  • Our church forum area 22’ high ceiling 20’ by 20’ how many lights do I need?

    You will need 5-6 of these lights approximately.

  • i have warehouse buildings that are about 25 ft high ceilings. Approximately how many square foot of floor space would one light cover?

    It would cover about a 30x30 space.

  • Will this light work on single phase 120v and with 277v

    Yes, it's rated anywhere from 100 to 277V.

  • How many feet of coverage would I get with these at 15' hanging height.

    You'd get about 30ft diameter of light, 300sq ft or so!

  • do they have tempered glass?

    Yes and has die-cast aluminum housing.

  • How many31,000 Lumes light do you recommend for a 50 x 50’ shop with a 14 foot ceiling

    since the ceiling is only 14ft up, we wouldn't recommend the 240W version. We'd recommend our 150W version instead, and you'd need 2-3 lights.

  • I have a 40x60 with 16’ sidewalls and it is free span so probably around 20’ height in center. I want high bay led round lights, which ones would you recommend and how many would you recommend?

    240W - 3 UFO'S

  • what is measurement size of these lights?

    It's diameter is 15.75 inches and height is 7.87 in (including hook)

  • I need to know the thread type and size

    Thread type Hongli 2835 and size is SMD2835(0.5W)

  • Can this be used outdoor.

    Yes, they are IP65 i.e. Moisture and dust resistance

  • The fixture is rated at 114 degrees F, it can be warmer than that 25' high in building. Could this be an issue?

    The fixture is tested for the range of -4° F TO +113° F only. Any variation in temperature could damage the fixture.