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LED Solar Street Light Set 60W w/ 120W Solar Panel 6000K, 7,200LM, 120V - 277V, IP65, 57.2AH Battery Capacity, Solar Power LED Street Lighting

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LED Solar Street Light Set 60W w/ 120W Solar Panel 6000K, 7,200LM, 120V - 277V, IP65, 57.2AH Battery Capacity, Solar Power LED Street Lighting

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Solar Street Light / Solar Area Light, 60W / 120W Solar Panel, 6000K, IP67 Rated, CRI >80

Instead of going just LED or just solar, we have come with the latest-in-vogue and a mix of both solar lighting and LED lighting technologies to give you the combined best -- Solar LED street light. By using very less grid power, the solar LED street light is a far superior product than traditional lighting products such as incandescent lamps, HID/metal-halide lamps or even fluorescent lamps. LED Solar Street Light to describe in the best way possible is quite an economical way of saving energy. Not only this, since it does not leave any carbon footprints, it’s much more environment-friendly than the non-solar LED lights or any traditional lighting product.
In one of the most attractive lighting product designs and superior quality, the solar LED street light set consists of a battery, solar panel, microwave controller/sensor and a solar lamp. The lamp available in 60W works with a 120W solar panel to convert solar energy to light energy, providing us with 100% savings in energy (electrical energy). The color temperature of the light is 6000K (cool white light glow) and CRI of the product is more than 80 reflecting more than standard color rendering ability.
Overall, a great product to provide you with high intensity light, high durability, high reliability, high energy-efficiency and low maintenance without requiring any cabling connection onsite and for use on poles of 15-20 feet height.. You have 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer’s end for this product. Also, an IP65 LED driver ensures resistance to dust and moisture, making it suitable for all weather-conditions.

Watt w/ 120 Watt

Features of LED Solar Street Light Set - 60W / 120W Solar Panel - 6000K

  • Available Wattage: 60W & 120W
  • Color Temperature Available: 6000K
  • Luminous: 7,200lm 
  • Battery Capacity: 57.2AH
  • Lifespan - 50,000 hours
  • Voltage: 120V - 277V
  • CRI 80+
  • IP65 Rating - Suitable for Wet Locations
  • 3 years of Manufacturer's Warranty

Easy Installation

By mounting the product on the wall with the help of a few wall brackets, the LED solar light can be easily installed. It’s a fast and easy installation, doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Strong Battery

Our LED Solar Light set has an inbuilt battery that’s strong and made of lithium that helps to provide electrical energy for constant lighting for not less than 12 hours

Efficient Control System

The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller charges much faster than PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) controller thus ensuring that the battery remains fully charged for as long as the lighting is needed.

IP67 Rated

Our LED solar light sets are 100% resistant against dust, sand or water (protection against water intrusion up to a meter). So, perfect for damp or wet locations.

CRI >80

The CRI being 80 for all our solar lights means that the objects and spaces reflect their colors real and authentic up to 80% precision in comparison to an ideal or natural light source.

MC4 Plug & Play

The MC4 connectors are electrical connectors utilized for connecting the solar panels. The MC4 system consisting of a plug and a socket design appear together as opposite genders. The MC4 can be directly plugged into our 18V solar panel for quick and easy connection.

140° Beam Angle

The wide beam angle for any of our solar lights means that the light beam is spread through wide areas and huge spaces without highlighting any specific area or object. This beam angle is for general purpose lighting and not for accentuated lighting.

Lithium Battery

With a lifetime of 1000 cycles, our solar lights equipped with lithium batteries serve you better than those lighting products having lead batteries. The reasons as to why a lithium battery is high on performance are many but known lesser. The lithium battery in comparison to any lead battery can withstand extreme temperature conditions (both high and low), can charge better, do not discharge quickly, has a longer service life and is environment-friendly.

100% Energy Saving

The energy-savings through the LED solar lights are 100% since it’s the stored energy that is being utilized rather than the grid power supply

Environment Friendly

The LED solar lights are eco-friendly because of no toxic waste products like lead or mercury in them. There is no environment-pollution being caused due to our LED solar lights and so our lights are completely safe for use.

Low Maintenance Cost

With any of our LED solar lights not lasting any less than 5-6 years, the only time you will need to make any kind of replacement is when your lithium battery has completed its 1000 cycles and the cost of which is nominal in comparison to the upfront costs of a completely new solar lighting set. Therefore, no replacement and no maintenance of the lighting fixture for any number of years.
Further, there is no complex wiring that is required in LED solar lights unlike in traditional lighting fixtures so the failure of one solar lighting fixture won’t affect the other solar lighting fixtures. These LED solar lights also don’t require any repair because they are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. All of these lead to very low maintenance and hence very low maintenance costs.

Inbuilt Surge Protection

The LED solar lighting sets come with 12 KV surge protector so as to protect the fixtures from any lightning or thunder strikes during a bad weather condition.



Brand: LEDMyplace
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 6000 Kelvin
Length: 32
Lumens: 7,200lm
Warranty: 3 year
Weight: 38.5 lb
CCT: 6000 Kelvin
Height: 14.5 inch
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): SL003
UPC: 719034337579
Wattage: 60 Watt w/ 120 Watt
Width: 11 inch

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  • Can it be switched On/Off ? How would one add switch to it?

    Yes, it can be switched On/Off. There is a button at the back of the fixture.