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12W Meanwell Driver 12W / 100-240V AC / 12V /0-10A

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12W Meanwell Driver 12W / 100-240V AC / 12V /0-10A


Most LED lights available for general and ambient lighting applications operate on DC voltage. In LED lights, inbuilt drivers help convert AC voltage from the grid into usable DC output. However, if your LED light does come with an inbuilt driver, you can use an external device, like this 12-watt Meanwell Driver. The driver is suitable for 120-240V AC sockets and it will provide a DC output of 12V or 0-10A. You can use this driver to operate strip lights, wall packs, and others that operate on a constant-voltage supply. When buying this Driver, make sure to check the input voltage ratings on the LED lighting fixture in consideration.

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