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GERMI-O - 38W UV Disinfection Lamp / Sterilization Lamp / Germicidal Lamp

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GERMI-O - 38W UV Disinfection Lamp / Sterilization Lamp / Germicidal Lamp

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38W UV Light with Ozone - 360° Sterilization - UVC Light with Remote Control - Ozone producing UV Lamps

Germi-O, the UV+ozone based sterilization lamp serves three functions; sterilization, disinfection, and mite removals in indoor locations only. The preferred indoor locations where this should be used are bedrooms, washrooms, parlors, offices, hospitals, etc. 

This 38 watts lamp uses short wave UV-C and Ozone to do so. The combination of UV rays and ozone is preferred in areas where UV rays are not as effective. UV+Ozone sterilization is effective in strongly smelling places like new homes, renovated kitchens and bathrooms hospitals, etc. The lamps are controlled by “through the wall” remote, which means that the lamp can be operated remotely across doors, walls, cabinets, and that too without any angle restrictions. 

It is highly advisable that people should leave the disinfection area before the disinfection process starts. It is also advisable to keep pet animals and plants outside.

The disinfection and ventilation time needed differs with the size of the room/facility. Larger rooms will need longer disinfection cycles and more ventilation time than small rooms. 

  • For room/facility with a total area of <107 SQ. FT. the disinfection cycle should be 15 minutes long. The ventilation time needed will be for 1 hour.
  • For room/facility with a total area of<107-322 SQ. FT. the disinfection cycle should be 30 minutes long. The ventilation time needed will be for 2 hours.
  • For room/facility with a total area of<322-645 SQ. FT. the disinfection cycle should be 60 minutes long. The ventilation time needed will be for 3 hours.


The GERMI-O lamp provides dual-way disinfection. It will destroy the germs present on surfaces of objects like remote controls, tables, floors, chairs, etc., and those present in the air.

The UV+Ozone Lamp will disinfect indoor spaces by killing the bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The Lamp is easy to use, efficient, and effective. It destroys 99% of the germs in an indoor facility.




The short-wave UV (UV-C) is powerful enough to kill germs without causing damage to humans and animals. It removes the germs from the surfaces of objects so that they can no longer grow in numbers.

Ozone too kills the microbes, but in a different manner. The gas has high germ-destruction power. It is about 3000 times more powerful than regular chlorine bleach. Ozone acts fast, it oxidizes the germs and destroys them.



The lamp provides sterilization in all directions, as it comes with a cylindrical quartz tube. The UV-C rays emitted by the lamp will make sure that every nook and corner of a facility/room is disinfected and sterilized.

General cleaning agents such as detergent liquid or chlorine bleach may not reach the corners of a room. However, it is the corners where the majority of germs accumulate. The UV rays and the Ozone from the Gerimi-O lamp spread in all directions.



The area covered by UV lamps depends on the time the operational time. For instance, the lamp will disinfect an area less than 107 SQ FT in 15 minutes, an area between 107-322 SQ FT in 30 minutes, and the lamp will disinfect a room between the size of 322-645 SQ FT in 60 minutes. 



The lamp features an aesthetic design, so it will not look like the equipment from a hospital or lab. It has an anti-UV metal body. Many metals oxidize when they come in contact with UV rays, which is not the case with this product. It comes with a protective coating that prevents corrosion. Therefore the UV rays will kill the germs without causing any damage to the lamp.



The lamp also comes with a remote control which allows you to operate the lamp from a distance. The Lamp’s ‘through the wall’ remote control which lets you operate Gerimi-O even through walls and obstacles. The remote allows you to set three different time settings according to the size of the room to be disinfected. The 3-time settings are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. `The remote can communicate with the lamp up to a distance of 10 ft. This is a Plug-in type UV+Ozone lamp.


Disinfection is the process of removing/eliminating germs from the surface of inanimate objects (tables, kitchen counters, etc.) and air temporarily. Sterilization is the process of killing the germs, and their spores from daily use objects like toothbrushes and baby bottles, etc. As spores can produce more bacterias within seconds after disinfection, sterilizing will destroy the spores. Thus, UV disinfection and sterilization minimizes the chances of germ build-up for a longer time.



The air that surrounds you (at home, school, or office, etc.) contains millions of germs. Many of the germs that surround you can be harmless, while some can cause diseases. The lamp will disinfect and sterilize indoor spaces by destroying bacterias, molds, fungi, viruses, and spores. GERMI-O UV+Ozone lamp is suitable for places that have a higher risk of germ build-up. (such as bathrooms, hospitals, and newly constructed homes, etc.)



Do not inhale the ozone or expose people and animals to UV light for long. The use of UV disinfection lamps is not advisable when people, animals, or plants are present in the indoor space. Ensure proper ventilation after each disinfectant cycle.



Beam Angle: 360 Degree
LED Brand: LEDMyplace
MPN (Part No.): UV002
UPC: 631112834322
Warranty: 1 Year
Fixture Color: Black
Life Hours: 8000
Voltage: 100-277V
Wattage: 38W

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Questions & Answers

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  • What dose the MT stand for in the quote below? 107-322 SQ MT in 30 minutes

    It was a typo. It's SQ FT.

  • What is the UV wave length? Where is it shipped from (USA/from abroad) What are the dimensions of the lamp? What does "pre order" mean? How fast can you ship the lamp? Is the plug American standard? Thanks

    The wave length is 254nm 
    This is shipped from USA Louisville, KY. 
    17.7" X 6.8"
    These lamps will be available for shipping during the first week of May so you can pre-order those.
    As soon as their available. However for faster delivery you can reach out to our customer support team.
    Please reach out to our customer support team to obtain the spec sheet for this product.

  • how hot do they get

    40 degree is the maximum it can get hot

  • The place in the room where the light doesn’t reflect, will it not be disinfected? The lamp is UL Classified? What is the exposure time considered harmful to human health? More quantity ordered is mean a better price? If the room doesn’t possible ventilation it, please let me know if that will be a problem or health risk?

    The Ultraviolet light disinfects only area with exposure to light and does not effectively eliminate the bacteria and mites in areas outside the reach of light rays.  It's not UL Classified. There is no specific time limit, but its mandatory not to have any human exposuure while using it. For pricing you can contact our customer service. For health risks, we have sent you a separate email with the instructions to use.

  • What are the irradiance values for the lamp?

    Strength is 4.47 per cm²

  • Can the lamp be turned on without using the remote? We want to use a timer to turn it on overnight long after staff and the cleaning crew have gone for the day.

    It does require the remote to turn it On. The timer option is given on the remote and you can time it upto 60 minutes duration.

  • Just had my furnace serviced and the technician tried to sell me a $500 UV light to kill a little mold and dampness. The furnace is located in a small closet in the middle of my house. Would this lamp do the job and be safe to use with a propane furnace?

    It's not affective , can use ,but its advised not to put near to the closet

  • Is the light bulb replaceable on this unit? If so where are bulbs available?

    Yes, It is replaceable. It will available on market places. Unfortunately, we don't carry the replacement bulb for this lamp.

  • Is it possible just use the UV light and not ozone? or all time they have to work together?

    For only UV light you can Purchase Germi lamp (Model# WEN-UV-38W-CRV-WH)