8W Cylinder Shape LED Pendant Light, Brushed Nickel Finish, 4000K (Cool White), 500 Lumens, ETL Listed

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    8W Cylinder Shape LED Pendant Light, Brushed Nickel Finish, 4000K (Cool White), 500 Lumens, ETL Listed

    LED Pendant Ceiling Lights, Steel + Glass, 120V, Brushed Nickel Finish, Pendant Lighting

    This 8-watt pendant light is a contemporary bliss or those who are fond of perforated traditional lamps. It features an eclectic design that will offer aesthetic value while illuminating better than the traditional lamps. It highlights a robust steel body and crack-resistant clear outer and opal inner glass lens that ensures longevity. 

    This lighting fixture will operate on an input of 120 volts to provide 55 lumens per watt. So, you can be sure that it will consume little energy while providing adequate outdoor lighting. It comes with a color rendering index (CRI) of 80 that allows for better visibility and enhanced color recognition. Since this outdoor light offers a correlated color temperature of 4000K, it will provide a cool white hue that you’ll like. 

    A rating for 50,000 operational hours and a 3-years warranty make it the ideal outdoor lighting fixture for both residential and commercial use. The fixture is compatible with TRIAC dimming devices that will allow adjusting its brightness by preference. If you think that this easy-to-mount and long-lasting lighting fixture will suit your needs, shop right away. If not, feel free to explore our collection of indoor lighting fixtures and you’ll find the perfect match.


    Features of LED Pendant Ceiling Lights, Steel + Glass, 120V

    • Wattage- 8W
    • Certification- ETL Listed
    • Voltage- 120V
    • Operating Temperature -4°F~113°F
    • Warranty- 3 Years
    • LUMENS  500LM

    Robust Body

    This LED lighting fixture features a scratch-resistant clear and Opal Glass for longevity. It comes with a Steel body Brushed Nickel Finish that will resist corrosion and accidental damage.

    Long Lifespan

    Since this Lighting fixture features premium-quality surface-mounted (SMD) LED chips, it is reliable for long-term use. The fixture is rated for 50,000 operational hours, which means that it will last over 3 years.

    Triac Dimmable

    This LED light fixture is dimmable on a set voltage range. It comes with TRIAC dimming control that allows changes to its brightness by preference.

    Stain Resistant 

    The Steel and Glass body parts of this lighting fixture are stain-resistant. The fixture will not catch dust and it will not stain. It will be easy to clean with the use of cleaning wipes.

    Low-Maintenance Indoor Light

    Unlike traditional metal halide or gaslight sconces, this fixture consumes very little electricity peruse. Since the fixture comes with LED chips, you can be sure that using it will be easy on your monthly utility bills.

    Excellent Lumen Output

    This indoor lighting fixture provides brighter illumination in comparison with conventional light bulbs of the same wattage. It provides adequate amounts of light for meeting the needs of indoor ambient lighting.

    High Lumen Efficacy

    A lumen is a unit that indicates the measure of the total amount of visible light coming from a source of light. This lighting fixture puts out more lumens per watt in comparison with a metal halide of CFL type lighting fixtures. It will consume little energy while providing a higher lumen output than traditional lighting fixtures.

    Adequate Color Temperature

    The color temperature of a lighting fixture tells the appearance of the illumination it produces. This LED lighting fixture will put out soothing light that you can dim or brighten up by preference. It will help you set a calming and relaxing ambiance at the home, office, or other indoor spaces.

    Aesthetic Design

    This LED lighting fixture highlights a simple yet eye-pleasing design that will add to the elegance of indoor spaces like living rooms and kitchens. It comes with a gorgeous finish that will blend with and adorn any residential or commercial space.

    Safty Ratings

    The surface of this LED light is smooth and there are no sharp metal edges. The fixture comes with ETL safety ratings, meaning that it is safe for general use.

    Easy Installation 

    Installing this light fixture will be easy with basic knowledge of AC electrical circuits in homes and offices. It comes with a set of instructions that show the installation process in detail.

    Hardwired Power Input

    This LED fixture will need electrical wiring for power supply. It will work on an AC input voltage. For voltage specifications, kindly refer to the product.


    Since this fixture features the use of non-toxic material, it is not harmful to the environment. This is an LED fixture, thus most of it is recyclable and reusable.


    Brand: Ivanees
    Color Rendering Index(CRI): CRI >80
    Damp Location: Yes
    Fixture Color: Brushed Nickel
    Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
    MPN (Part No.): RS032
    Shape: Cylinder
    Voltage: 120 Volt
    Wattage: 8 Watt
    Certifications: ETL Listed
    Color Temperature (Kelvin): 4000K (Cool White)
    Dimmable: Yes
    Housing: Steel and Glass
    Lumens: 500 Lumens
    Safety Rating: ETL Listed
    SKU: IVA-PD141-40BN
    Warranty: 3 Years
    Operating Temperature: -4 Degree F To +113 Degree F

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