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11 LED Lights Ideas For your Bedroom

11 LED Lights Ideas For your Bedroom
11 LED Lights Ideas For your Bedroom
11 LED Lights Ideas For your Bedroom
11 LED Lights Ideas For your Bedroom

Let’s start with a simple question- Have you ever thought of LED lights for a bedroom? If yes, you would know how simple it is to install LED lights in your bedroom. You would also agree with the fact that LED strip lights and LED downlights help bring significant transformations in otherwise monotonous bedrooms. Albeit, if you do not know what strip lights are or how they can uplift the ambiance of your bedroom, continue reading. Here, you’ll discover exciting ways of incorporating LED strips and downlights in your bedroom.

 You can not compare LED strip lights and Downlights, as both allow a unique lighting effect. Therefore, it will best if you choose to mix and match, try different combinations, and pass the bedroom ambient LED lighting test with a straight-A. Go through the various bedroom lighting ideas that follow and choose the right downlight+strip light position combination per your bedroom.

LED Downlight Ideas For Bedroom

led downlights for bedroom

Let The Light Shine At The Window.

Installing three (or more) 4-inch LED downlight fixtures on the ceiling will provide a subtle grazing effect on the curtains in front of the bedroom window. Choosing faux silk, velvet, or linen curtains in a color palette that complements your bedroom will get you better results. Also, if you plan to experiment with downlight installations above the window, consider dimmable fixtures that provide a warm-white correlated color temperature (CCT).

Keep It In The Closet!  

Whether considering a wardrobe or walk-in closet, downlight fixtures are the ideal lighting solution, as they serve dual-purpose. The first reason for installing a series of downlights in front of your wardrobe or inside the walk-in closet is bright illumination! Downlight installations will allow you to see clothes and other things in the wardrobe/ closet. The second reason is beautification. Adding a few ambient lights will enhance the looks of your wardrobe area or walk-in closet! The only thing to consider here is that when choosing the downlights for general/task lighting, go for a daylight white or cool white CCT. If you wish to install the fixtures for ambient lighting purposes, choose a warm-white color tone. 

Edge To Edge.

Installing downlight fixtures on the edges of your bedroom’s ceiling will allow you to enjoy a minimum level of illumination while keeping the blinding-lights effect in check! However, you might want to look for eye ball-style downlights or baffle lights for the corner-position installation.

LED Strip Light Ideas For Bedroom

No-Regret Under Bed Lighting!

If your bed allows some space between the base and floor, consider installing a warm-white LED tape lighting. While installing the self-sticking strip lights, make sure to face the LED-lit side towards the floor, as doing so will offer a reflected lighting effect. Installing LED lights under your bed will also ensure that your slippers will always be in sight! 

Flaunting The Baseboard Space.

Often, people do not pay attention to the baseboards that cover the walls. Line the baseboard of your bedroom with a hot pink or purple LED light strip, and you’ll love the pop-color effect! However, if crazy colors are not for you, choosing white strip lights is a safe choice. 

Precision Backlights For Telivision!

Do you have a TV in your bedroom? If you do, think about eye-pleasing illumination coming from the rear end of your television. Looks fantastic, right! Take an LED strip light in the color of choice and measure how much you’ll need. Stick the strip onto the rear side of your TV and make sure the LED side faces the wall. 

Trace That Display Case.

If you own a display case that holds the prized travel souvenirs and antique brass artifacts, feel free to highlight it by throwing-in an LEd strip. Choose between warm, daylight, and cool-while CCTs and pick the right color tone for your precious display case!

Mirror On The Wall, whose the Brightest of all?

led vanity mirror


Okay, if make-up is at the core of your personality, this one is for you! Is there’s a vanity area in your bedroom? Go on and install an LED strip on the rear-end of the vanity mirror. The light installation will elevate the aesthetics of your vanity space while allowing better illumination. Albeit, you can also choose to get a brand-new LED vanity mirror, skip the Do It Yourself routine, and still enjoy an eye-pleasing LED-lit mirror effect! 

The Able Bedside Table.

If you like to sleep in a dark room, having a night light source can be helpful. Get an LED strip light roll and fix it inside your bedside table’s drawer, and you’ll be able to find things with ease! You can also install the tape light on the rear-side of your nightstand ( if the design allows.)

Never Getting Bored Headboard!

The headboard of your bed is a beautiful thing. It supports your neck while engrossing in interesting books or watching movies on your iPad like a buff. Therefore, it is justifiable to add some shiny backlights to the headboard. Try this decorative headboard idea, and you’ll love it!

Stairway To Heaven!

Do you have to climb stairs before getting into the bedroom? If yes, why not turn the simple steps into the stairway to heaven? Installing a strip light along the length of each step will add a gorgeous accent while ensuring night-time visibility.

The Lesson is Over.

Those were 11 ways you could get LED lights for the bedroom working for you! Before experimenting with LED strip lights and LED downlights, make sure to plan their positioning in your bedroom. Figure out the appropriate strip light length that you’ll need for the project and check whether or not your bedroom allows downlight installations. You can also seek help from our lighting experts by placing a call at 815-697-5223, and we’ll be happy to help! Also, let us know if the ideas catch your imagination by writing at

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