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4 Ds About LED Integrated Tube

4 Ds About LED Integrated Tube
4 Ds About LED Integrated Tube
4 Ds About LED Integrated Tube
4 Ds About LED Integrated Tube

As the range of LED lighting products is expanding rapidly, most of the people end with LED Integrated Tubes. Many people already know the general benefits of LED lighting appliances such as energy saving, long operational hours, better lighting output and much more.

Did You Know???

Apart from the common advantages of LEDs, there are some more facts which you are unaware of it.

In this knowledge base blog, we will help to tell some Ds about the LED Integrated Tube which helps you to make an informed choice of lighting appliance for your indoor space.

  • Directional Output
  • Durability
  • Dispersement
  • Design

  • The above-mentioned points would entirely tell you about the hidden facts of this LED indoor lighting fixture.

    Directional Output

    The LED light focus to deliver the lighting without emitting unnecessary lighting output. As compared with the fluorescent tubes, LED Integrated Tube illuminates the whole space without irrelevant light.

    Whenever you want directional lighting output always look for the beam angle. With the 180-degree beam angle, an integrated tube doesn’t emit unneeded lighting output.


    When talking about lighting fixtures, it is mandatory to know that which type of light would you get. To check the lighting quality, there are certain features you need to consider such as lumen, color rendering, and color temperature.

    The lumen output lighting integrated tube specifies the brightness of the light. CRI (Color Rendering Index) indicates the quality of light, LED Integrated Tube comes with the 80+ CRI which enables objects and subjects to show the real color.

    With the variety of color temperatures, this lighting fixture lays out space with the specific white tint you choose. The white tint of this fixture is day white light and cool white. It brightens up space with clear light.


    It has been manufactured with the polycarbonate fiber which makes this fixture shatterproof. While reading this blog post, one question would pop-up that how integrated tube is different from others?

    Well, in this section, the design is quite different from others, with the V shape design, it helps to illuminate the wider space. LED integrated tube comes with different sizes such as 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft LED Integrated Tube.


    It the hardest thing to determine while purchasing any lighting fixture but not with LEDs. An integrated tube comes with the aluminum heat sink dissipation which keeps the fixture cool and increases its durability.

    Whenever you want a lighting fixture for your indoor space, make sure that comes with the heat sink technology and IP44 rated product. An IP rating specifies that the product can protect itself from water and dust. An IP44 rated integrated tube would get affected by the dust and water.

    In The End

    Based on all the above information, you must get the right information about the LED Integrated Tube. Most of the LED lighting industries would mention that their LED lighting appliance is energy-efficient, long lifespan, low maintenance cost but that’s what LED lighting products to do.

    Not anymore,

    Now you know what else you can search to get the right lighting fixture. These Ds are enough justifying the fixture compatibility and durability.

    Then, what are you waiting for?

    If you have any questions or queries, leave that in the comment section below or contact us today. LEDMyplace is committed to solving your lighting needs.

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