5 Reasons To Upgrade From T12 Fluorescents To T8 LEDs

t8 led tubes

If you are not living under a cave you must already know the benefits LED tubes provide over T12 Fluorescents tubes. For the rest, here are seven reasons why you must immediately switch to LED tubes. 

Energy-efficient and long-lasting, T8 LED tubes are the new era of tube lights. First came candles, then came incandescent bulbs followed by fluorescent technology and now, the fourth generation, LEDs are the undisputed king of lighting. 

But before we dive into the reasons to upgrade, we will have a look at what does this T12 and T8 stands for in the context of tubes. 

What does T12 and T8 mean in tube lights

In tube lights, the diameter of the tube is determined in eights of the T. That is, the diameter of a T12 tube will be 12/8 which is 1.5 inches. Now, in a T8 tube, the diameter is just one inch.

There is another size of the tube available which is T5, this is even smaller than the T8 tube and the diameter of this tube is 0.625 inches. 

Smaller tubes are energy-efficient and use less material in manufacturing, therefore, are also cost-efficient.

Hence it is always a better option to go for a T8 tube which is small but not too small so as to compromise on lighting.  

Now that we understand what T12, T8 and T5 means, we can proceed to understand why you should prefer T8 LED tubes over T12 Fluorescent tubes.

t8 led tubes

5 solid reasons why you should upgrade to T8 LED tubes

  • LED tubes are energy efficient: LED tubes convert 95% of the electricity consumed into light. Only a mere 5% is wasted as heat. This makes LED tubes highly efficient reducing your utility bills by up to 75%. 

  • This is also good for the environment because less electricity is demanded from the grid which in turn decreases carbon footprint.

  • T8 LED tubes are long-lasting: Having a lifespan which is 4-5 times more than fluorescent tubes, these LED tubes outrun every form of lighting technology when it comes to longevity. Having been tested to run for more than 50,000 hours, these LED tubes are meant to last for a really long time bringing your cost of replacements significantly down. 

  • LED Tubes have high CRI: CRI or the color rendering index measures the accuracy of the light with which it renders colors. This is measured against an ideal light source such as daylight. CRI of these LED tubes is more than 80 which means that the colors rendered by these LED tubes are 80% accurate when compared to colors rendered under sunlight. 

  • Ballast compatible: Some of our T8 LED tubes are compatible with ballast which will help you install the tube without the need to remove or bypass the ballast. In case your LED tube does not support ballast in that case you’ll have to either remove the ballast or bypass it a guide on which can be found here. (Check ballast compatibility list even if your tube is ballast compatible)

  • Low maintenance cost: Because these LED tubes are backed by LED technology, these need very little maintenance. This brings your cost of operating these tubes further down and increases your savings manifold.  
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