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A Complete Guide to LED Warehouse Lighting

A Complete Guide to LED Warehouse Lighting
A Complete Guide to LED Warehouse Lighting
A Complete Guide to LED Warehouse Lighting
A Complete Guide to LED Warehouse Lighting

Being an owner of a huge warehouse seems like a profitable deal but when it comes to paying the high lighting bills, it doesn’t look like the same. Many warehouses have installed high wattage metal halide fixture which consumes high commercial energy. But there is the simplest way to reduce lighting bills by 75%.

LEDMyplace has manufactured  UFO LED High Bay Lights which operates on low energy and reduce the energy bills up to 75%. The long-lasting led lighting equipment is an ideal fixture for warehouses.

LED Warehouse Lighting

Things to Know About the Product

Whenever it comes to install the lighting solution in the vast areas, many warehouses choose for LED lighting fixtures which illuminate the wide area at low energy consumption. Here are some valuable features of UFO LED High Bay Lights mentioned below:

Rugged Construction: The die-cast aluminum housing makes this fixture shatterproof and more durable than metal halide fixtures. An aluminum housing helps the fixture to keep it cool and increases its resistance.

Motion Sensor: It has an optional accessory called “Motion Sensor”. This additional feature alerts you about an intruder when you are away. It lights up the particular area where an intruder has been detected.

Lumen Output: Lumen defines the reach of the light to the surface from the high ceiling areas. Our fixture offers 15000 lumens output which illuminates the area from the high ceiling of 15ft or above.

Voltage Input: The voltage input of this fixture is in between 100V - 277V which identifies that this equipment can easily bear the voltage fluctuations without any technical error.

CCT & CRI: These two terms define the lighting output of the fixture in an explained way. CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of the fixture is 4000K neutral white light and 5700K which is good enough for the indoor high ceiling areas. CRI (Color Rendering Index) defines the quality of light. The CRI is more than 80 which emits the quality lighting to the area.

Lighting Output: It is RoHS certified product which specifies that the lighting output of the product doesn’t contain any hazardous element. It instantly turns on and doesn’t create any weird noise while operating.

How Does UFO LED High Bay Light Benefits Warehouses?

If you are new to ufo high bay fixtures, then you must be having a lot of queries in your mind and how does this fixture be beneficial for vast high ceiling warehouses.

Energy Savings: While operating metal halide fixture, you must be aware of high energy consumption. This fixture works on low energy and replaces the high wattage metal halide. These 100W & 150W led ufo high bay fixtures can replace 400W MH fixture which signifies the huge saving on commercial energy consumption.

Beam Angle: 120° wide beam angle illuminates the wider area by just a single fixture which is wider than any other traditional high bay fixtures.

LED Chips: The Luxeon LEDs helps to emit the high lumen and CRI lighting to the area.

Lifespan: With the 50,000 hours operational life, this fixture doesn’t require any high-cost maintenance. The lifespan of the fixture is three times more than any 400W high bay fixtures.

Additional Information

Wattage: 100W ufo led high bay and 150W

Housing: Aluminum

Warranty: 5 years

IP Ratings: IP65 Rated (Protect the fixture against heavy water splashes and dust)

Certifications: UL Listed, DLC Listed, Energy Star Certified, and DLC Premium Listed

Installation Process

Step 1: To start the installation process, you must have a three times heavier hook than the fixture.

Step 2: Screw the hanging ring clockwise into the UFO LED High Bay Light fixture and tighten it to make sure that the fixture won't come out.

Step 3: Connet the wires as mentioned in the wiring instruction manual.

Step 4: After done with the wiring, turn on the 150W UFO High Bay Light to make sure that the wiring has been connected properly. If the fixture turns on properly that you have successfully installed the fixture.

Precaution While Installation

  • Make sure that UFO LED High Bay Light carefully before start mounting it.
  • Turn Off the power before installation.
  • Call an expert for the better installation process.


With the free installation service, we support our customer in every possible to support them to every query related to our products. High Bay LED Lights have been the best selling product in our categories. If you have any specific problem or want to know more about any of our product, contact our customer care executive straight from the official site of  LEDMyplace. We are Happy to help you.

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