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A Guide to Help You Find the Right UFO LED High Bay Light

Are you struggling to get the perfect lighting solution for your wide industrial or commercial space? It takes a lot of research to find the perfect lighting fixture and making a decision to right purchase. LEDMyplace offers their certified UFO LED High Bay Lights which fulfill your requirements and benefits you by saving energy and money on lighting bills.

In this article, we will be covering the following points:

  • What’s the Replacement for HID High Bay Fixtures?
  • What Features makes a UFO LED High Bay Light Special?
  • How this Fixture Benefits Commercial and Industrial Area?
  • Is this Product Certified?

ufo led high bay lights

What’s the Replacement for HID High Bay Fixtures?

The high ceiling warehouses which have a ceiling of 15ft or above are operating HID high bay fixtures to fulfill their lighting requirements. By using HID fixtures, warehouses get the high-cost lighting bills and require expensive maintenance cost.

Whereas, We offer low maintenance UFO High Bay Light which consumes low commercial energy and saves 75% energy and money on lighting bills. This is the only fixture which illuminates the wide area at lesser energy consumption. It is an ideal choice for high ceiling warehouses which have the 20ft above the ceiling.

What Features makes a UFO LED High Bay Light Special?

An UFO High Bay Light has better features than HID fixtures:

Thermal Heat Dissipation: This fixture comes with the big heat sink dissipation with the aluminum fings which increases the durability, improve operating performance, keep the fixture cool. The housing of the fixture is being made aluminum which is a good conductor of heat dissipation.  

Correlated Color Temperature & Color Rendering Index: The color temperature specifies the color of the lighting output 4000K (Natural White Light) & 5700K (Day White Light), these two CCTs are perfect to brighten the vast area. Although CRI determines the clarity and quality of light, the CRI is more than 80 which helps for the better viewing of objects.

IP65 Rated: This rating defines that the fixture can protect itself from heavy dust, water, insects insert, and the challenging weather conditions.

How this Fixture Benefits Commercial and Industrial Area?

Before buying a UFO LED High Bay Light, you must be aware that how the fixture is beneficial for commercial and industrial sectors.

  • Easy to Install: When buying UFO High Bay Fixture, you will get the installation instruction guide which has mentioned step by step installation process. The fixture is very easy to install if you have the wiring knowledge otherwise you can call an expert to get it done.
  • Wide Beam Angle: The fixture has a wide beam angle which covers the wide area of your commercial and industrial space. 120° beam angle is enough to illuminate the wider space with high lumen lighting output.
  • Dimmable: What could be better when you can control your lighting output? This fixture allows you to set the light as per your requirement. You can dim the light from 10V to 1V and benefit would reduce more energy consumption.
  • Low-cost Maintenance: If you use HID fixture regularly, you must be aware of the high maintenance cost. This fixture requires low maintenance cost until 50,000 lifespan ends.
  • Premium LED Chip: The most important equipment of the fixture is their LED cob chips. We have manufactured this fixture with Epistar LED cob chips, which offers the crispy and dazzling light to the surface.
Is this Product Certified?

YES!!! UFO LED High Bay Light has been certified and approved by UL, DLC, Energy Star, and DL Premium which assures that the product has been tested for its work performance and this product is rebate eligible.

The Final Word

At LEDMyplace, you can order LED UFO High Bay lights, with the following wattage variants that best fit your application. LED UFO 150W, LED UFO 100W and LED UFO 200W If you pre-order the fixture from our official site, you will get 5 years warranty with free installation service and 30 days return policy.

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