All You Need To Know About LED High Bay Lighting

All You Need To Know About LED High Bay Lighting

Choosing a specific set of lighting can be a tricky endeavor for any establishment, whether residential or commercial. But when it comes to finding the right lighting option for an industrial premise, the task becomes even more challenging and daunting. 

The right set of lighting will not only save you tons of money but can also mean the difference between productive and sluggish output in your industrial premises. 

This guide will take you through all that is there to learn about LED high bay lights like the different varieties, different composition and will discuss the use cases for each of these. 

This guide will further help you in making the right decision about your lighting needs which will prove to be totally worth your money. 

So without further delay, let's have a deep dive into the world of LED high bay Lights.

High bay lights, as the name suggests, are lighting options for high indoor industrial and commercial premises. High bay lighting finds its application in establishments such as  workshop, warehouse, gymnasium, gas station, shopping mall, garage, etc  

As a thumb rule, high bay Lighting finds its use in any premise having a ceiling height of 15 to 20 feet. 

Traditionally, High bay lighting used to be Metal Halide fixture but with the advent of technology, LED high bay lights emerged as the preferred choice for the many advantages LED provides.  

Advantages of LED high bay lights to provide over their traditional counterparts

Energy-saving: Due to its superior technology, LED high bay lights to save tons of energy. And therefore in establishments where a large number of high bay lights are used, the savings on energy bills multiply manifold. 

A traditional 400 W fixture will provide as much light as a 165 W LED light will provide. Thus it becomes abundantly clear that energy savings alone should become the reasons to replace those traditional power guzzling fixtures of yours. 

All in all, LED high bay lightings can result in a savings of about 80% of your energy bills. This can be further increased with enhancements for your high bay lights such as dimmers and motion sensors. 

Longer lifespan: Having a lifespan of over 10 years in some cases, LED high bay lights are ‘install once and forget about it’ kind of options which give you a much more sense of relief and savings at the same time. 

You no longer need to bother getting your high bay lights changed every few years as LED high bay lights with dedicated LED technology can provide a rated lifespan of over  100,000 hours lasting for as long as a decade. 

One time expenditure: With a maintenance cost next to nil, LED high bay lights amount to a one-time expenditure at the time of installation and do not require any maintenance during its lifespan. 

With the cost of LED high bay lights coming down gradually, that initial cost as well is coming to manageable levels for most businesses.

Lower heat generation: With the wattage, an LED high bay light directly saves your money. But with lower heat generation they indirectly save you even more money since now you have to spend as much as 20% less on your HVAC cost. 

Boost in productivity: With better lighting systems that give you a visible appreciation of the establishment, the productivity of your employees is slated to automatically boost. 

As with clearer vision and better viewing, fewer accidents will take place. This will again result in indirectly saving your money as the cost of damage/repair comes down automatically. 

Faster heat dispensation: Traditional lighting solution for high bay fixtures takes about 10-20 minutes after being turned off, to cool down to a safe operable level. This increases the waiting for a technician before he can safely operate on the product. 

This loss of time gradually results in a loss of money. LED high bay solutions to cool down to a safe temperature within minutes of being switched off making it safe to be operated upon. 

A faithful rendering of colors: Consider a scenario that owns a godown of milled cloth of a large variety of colors. You have to dispatch a specific color to one of your dealers. 

If and when such a situation will present itself, traditional high bay fixtures will betray you. Color rendering index (CRI) determines what percentage of the original color, the light will render. 

The CRI for traditional high bay fixtures hovers around 50-60. The same object when viewed in the light of an LED high bay fixture, will be rendered to its 80% daylight version. 

This essentially means that LED high bay fixtures give you a truer picture of the object while rendering its colors.

Different Types of LED High Bay Lighting

Now that we know what are the various reasons to choose LED high bay lighting over traditional fixtures, let us have a look at the various options available to you while choosing the right kind of LED high bay system for your premises. 

Predominantly, LED high bay lights to come in two form factors each with its own use case and multiple variants suited for different needs. 

One being the linear LED high bay light and the other being a UFO LED high bay light. In this next section, we will have a look at what are the advantages and disadvantages of using both and the multiple options both of these lightings come in. 

Linear LED high bay lights to come in two sizes of two feet and four feet. Each with multiple wattage options offering different luminosity. 

The wattage of these linear LED high bay light range anywhere from 90 watts to as high as 700 watts. The luminosity of these varies from 10,000 Lumens to 100,000 lumens. 

The color temperature of these linear LED high bay fixture hovers in the range of 4000 kelvin to 6000 kelvin. Furthermore, these linear LED high bay fixtures come with a hook for easy installation and added support. 

A linear LED High bay light gives a beam angle of 110-115 degrees and is idle for warehouses with large rows and stacks to light the pathway for the workers to navigate with ease. 

The voltage input for these linear LED high bay lights is a standard of 120-277 volts. Additionally, these linear LEDhigh bay lights come with multiple ingress protection  (IP) ratings which determine whether the product can be used in wet or damp/moist conditions. 

Therefore linear LED high bay lights to offer a wide variety of choices to choose from, for a vast array of specific business needs for industrial premises. 

The other type of LED high bay light that is used in a high bay setting is a UFO led light. Like its linear counterpart, UFO high bay lights also come in different wattages ranging from 100 watts offering a luminosity of 11,852 lumens, to 750 watts with a luminosity of 40,000 lumens. 

UFO lights offer a little less color temperature as compared to Linear LED high bay fixtures with color temperature ranging from 3500 kelvin to 5000 kelvin. 

Such lighting in the range of 3500 kelvin becomes a preferred choice for retail locations for its white light. UFO lights with a color temperature in the range of 4000 kelvin with cool white light find its application in warehouses where the accuracy of picking the consignment is crucial. 

One distinct advantage of using a UFO LED high bay light over its linear counterpart is in its size. UFO LED high bay lights are smaller in size as compared to linear LED high bay fixtures. 

Because of this, they take up less area thus saving ceiling space. UFO LED comes with a hook so that it can be easily hung from the ceiling. 

UFO LED high bay light because of its circular design provides a slightly wider viewing angle then linear LED high bay lights. 

Offering a 120-degree viewing angle, UFO LED lights are more suited for godowns, malls and for large areas. The UFO high bay lighting fixtures come with a big heat sink manufactured out of aluminum for excellent heat dissipation. 

Another advantage with UFO LED high bay lights is that they do not require reflectors which reduces the amount of glare and can refocus light. 

In summary, both linear and UFO LED high bay light to fulfill a very specific need of business establishment and depending on the nature of business and premise, offer a huge range of choices to go from. 

Coming in all shapes and sizes, there exists an LED high bay light for every establishment and every business premise. LED lighting not just offers great lighting opportunities, but also result in better satisfaction of your workers with less strain on their eyes.

Resulting in unmatched savings when compared to traditional high bay fixtures, LED high bay installations to save not just money, but also the planet by generating less heat and therefore are now the preferred choice of every businessman who has the requirement of high bay lighting. 

With much more savings, longer lifespan and low failure rate it will not be far now that LED high bay lights will completely replace traditional metal halide fixtures from every business establishment around the globe. 

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