Architectural Recessed Troffer LED Lights Vs. Ordinary LED Troffer Lights

Architectural Recessed Troffer LED Lights

Our new Architectural Recessed Troffer LED lights, also called Art LED, is packed with new advanced features and an all-new design. They are high-functioning and effective general lighting options ideal for commercial places.

Introducing Architectural Recessed Troffer LED Lights

Here at LEDMyplace, we offer two size variants of these Architectural Recessed Troffer LED Lights, the 2x2 FT and the 2x4 FT, both designed to work efficiently in the voltage range 100V-277V. Both the variants are dimmer compatible and efficiently function with 0-10V of control dimmer. These LED architectural recessed troffer lights are different from ordinary LED Troffer lights in respect to design and features.


  • Back-lit Panels: Architectural recessed troffers feature a back-lit curved polycarbonate lens, whereas ordinary troffer lights have edge-lit panels. Back-lit panels have higher efficiency, lower cost, and even other technical advances compared to edge-lit panels.

  • New Shape (and its function): These architectural recessed troffers are volumetric square-shaped fixtures that provide direct and indirect light, whereas ordinary troffers just provide direct light at a beam angle. The direct and indirect light is precisely balanced for optimal illumination, providing them with more efficiency.

  • Transparent Optics: When the power is off, these modern-looking fixtures are almost transparent and provide a near camouflage effect. The light engine becomes transparent, almost like it goes missing into the ceiling, bringing a cleaner architectural environment.

  • Features

  • Wattage Adjustability: Unlike any ordinary troffer lights, the wattage on both variants of LED architectural recessed troffers is adjustable. And can be controlled by a built-in dip switch to switch among 30W, 40W, and 50W for maximum energy efficiency.

  • CCT Adjustability: Unlike any ordinary troffer lights, even the color temperatures can be switched between 3000k, 3500k, and 4000k for both variants and controlled through a built-in dip swiltch for adequate lighting.

  • Direct and Indirect Light: The up & down light distribution is controlled by the unique design in which the light engine disperses the light directly and indirectly. In a normal troffer light, the light is just distributed directly. This feature provides precisely regulated ideal direct and indirect light distributions between the immediate down area and the surrounding area.

  • LED Architectural Recessed Troffer Lights enhance three significant elements for any building or structure: 

  • The first is the aesthetics of the building, which is substantial in commercial settings, as it affects the looks and the ambiance of the building.

  • The second being, the factor to examine ergonomics and functionality, which refers to any feature that makes it simpler to live, work, function, rest, or even play. 

  • And the third factor is energy efficiency, which ensures that light is used and dispersed effectively, that is, economically optimal.

  • All the above 3 points contribute to creating a balanced illumination between general lighting and task lighting resulting in improved visual comfort and reduced shadows.

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