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Are LED Flood Lights Really Good As Promised?

led flood lights
led flood lights
led flood lights
led flood lights

Most of the lighting companies have promised that their light sources are bright and consume lesser energy than other lighting fixtures. If you are looking for outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate the outer wide space, many companies offer LED Flood Lights at low cost and promised that your space would be brighter that attracts most of the customers.

Price of the light source doesn’t justify the light quality of the lighting appliances, it’s features that define the light quality.

This article post would explain what features make the flood light really good as promised.

Light Beam: - Many companies brief that their flood light does have the bright white color that fills your outdoor space desired light. But, is that true?. Well, by asking the CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), the ideal color temperature of LED Flood Light is day white light. Why? As this fixture is an outdoor fixture, it is mostly used in the night time, by using this light source. You can illuminate the wide space as in the day time.

Beam Angle: - This lighting fixture does have an ultra-wide angle dispersion that illuminates the wider space than any other light source. If we come to compare this flood light with the other lighting fixture then we can see the LED light source have a wider beam angle. With the help of the beam angle, the fixture illuminates vast space that requires fewer lighting appliances.

Rendering Index: - With the high color rendering index, the entire wide outdoor space has been illuminated just with the quality light that declines the unrealistic color of the objects.

Dimmable: - Old traditional lights don’t allow you to control the lighting outcome, but with the LED flood lights, you can lower the light output by controlling the voltage waveform from 1 - 10V. By using dimmable flood lights, you can reduce energy consumption and save money on the lighting bills.

Installation Process: - If the fixture doesn’t install properly, it won’t be able to give the best results because of the improper wiring connection. When an improper wiring connection has been made, LED Flood Light starts to flicker and might cause catch fire or fuse.

Thermal Heat Dissipation: - When a fixture starts to heat up, it means that it can cause to catch fire. With the aluminum thermal dissipation, the fixture keeps cool and doesn’t heat up quickly after the long working hours.

In order to compare the lighting output of LED Flood Light with metal halides. We have seen that the LED light source is far better than any other fixture. If we highlight the safety measurements, you can trust this fixture because it is UL and DLC certified.

As this fixture is an outdoor light source than it is mandatory to protect the fixture from dust and water. An IP65 rating defines that the appliance could protect itself from heavy weather, dust, and water.

We hope that your lighting fixture fulfilled the expectations that you expect from a light source. If you have any doubts then feel free to contact our customer support executive or just comment down below your queries.

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