Billboard Lights with LED Technology: Choosing the Right One

Billboard Lights with LED Technology

Advertising is one of the most common ways to reach the masses. Many small businesses want to enhance their reach using billboards, and it is the best way to cast a brand identity and try to catch the attention of customers.

For more than 100 years, LED billboard lights have been used as an excellent method of advertising. Billboard lighting fixtures are used to grab the attention of the passer-bystanders and promote the brand name. Generally, they are installed in commercial areas where the traffic is high. 

Earlier, metal halides were a common choice for billboards. But, unfortunately, the fixtures required a higher amount of power to operate, and it was a costly affair. 

LED light fixtures brought down the energy consumption and at the same time provided favorable lumen intensity so that it is easy to notice the message, especially in the nighttime. So, first of all, let’s understand LED billboard lights. 

LED billboard lights - These light fixtures are generally flood lights, wall washers, etc., specially manufactured to light up more giant advertisement boards and keep them perfectly illuminated in the night. 

These light fixtures are robustly built and have higher IP (Ingress Progression) ratings for better performance. In addition, these lights can operate in extreme weather conditions and dust. 

Traditional metal halides vs. LED billboard lights

Traditional metal halides vs. LED billboard lights

According to the given table provided below, it is seen that how LED light has outperformed the traditional metal halide.


LED billboard light

Metal halide




Lumen capacity 

6250 lumens

3400 lumens


50,000 hours 

10,000 hours


Low-cost maintenance

Regularly required

Good brand names often rent or buy billboards for a specific period. Therefore, a faulty light can become a costly mistake for the brand name. 

Key features

Design - It is the key element of the outdoor lighting fixture. There are two types of designs available a) Open b) Modular.

For the open lights, make sure to inspect the light fixture before purchase. The fixtures must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The advantage of the open design is that they have a slimmer module structure.

The lamps are usually installed in sets for the modular lights, and it becomes easy to remove the faulty lamps. Therefore, the installation process is simple.

Manufacturing material - The materials used to manufacture the billboard lights are vital. For better performance, you need quality grade LED billboard lights. 

Aluminum and stainless steel billboard lights are readily available in the market. Good quality lights can withstand extreme outdoor conditions and work for extended periods.

Heat dissipation - Proper heat dissipation is a must for LED billboard lights. Proper heat dissipation adheres to safety measures and increases the lifespan of the fixture.

The light fixtures come with a proper ventilation structure which helps to remove the heat quickly. 

Luminosity - The higher lumens intensity is mentioned for the maximum brightness of the fixture. The LED billboard lights come with Advanced-grade chips to outperform the competition.

The premium optical lens delivers the best quality brightness for the board. The lumen level of a billboard is always double from a standard LED bulb. 

Anti-glare - LED billboard lights to come with anti-glare measures so that the lights do not momentarily blind the passersby and vehicle owners.

In addition, these fixtures come with a perfect lumen intensity without being discomforting. Without anti-glare, the LED billboard light loses its artistic appeal. 

Longer lifespan - LED billboard lights can operate from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. As these light fixtures need to run continuously nighttime, they need to be durable and made of the best quality materials. 

Certifications - The LED lights you buy must have undergone rigorous testing and should adhere to specific standards. Certificates like ETL, UL, DLC, EnergyStar, RoHS, etc., are a must for the light fixtures. 

These certifications increase the value of the LED lights and give you a performance boost. 

Aesthetically engaging - The billboards need to be attractive and eye-capturing. The main task of the billboard is to capture the attention of the crowd. 

Proper lighting beautifies the billboards and brings customers to your brand name. Make sure that the lights are aesthetically pleasing and blend with the rest of the design. 

Eco-friendly - Make sure that the billboard is eco-friendly and do not choose harmful lights to the environment. Compared to metal halides, the LED billboard lights are safe to use and do not contain toxic chemicals like lead and mercury. 

Color temperature - The best color temperature range starts from 4000K. The temperature is comfortable, and the crowd can read the signs quickly. 

IP Ratings - LED billboard lights are needed to extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Make sure to purchase lights that have IP 65 ratings or more for better functionality and operation. 

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