Can I Put LEDs In My Fridge?

led cooler tube

As we all know LEDs have been beneficial for indoor and outdoor space. But, what about electrical appliances?

Most of the people are still not aware of LED lighting fixtures. These days many fridges are equipped with LED lights. What if you have 10 years old refrigerator? Somewhere you think that you can put any LED lighting fixture in your fridge but which is nor appropriate.

To install LEDs in your fridge, so there is a particular lighting fixture which is specially manufactured to install at the cooler place such as a fridge.

In this article post, we’ll tell you which is the ideal lighting fixture for the refrigerator.

What Kind Of LEDs Goes In A Refrigerator?

A fridge is a different kind of place to install LEDs in it that’s why LEDMyplace has manufactured “LED Cooler Tube” to lighten up refrigerator space. Well, why LED Cooler Tube? If we differentiate the fridge and indoor space. You will get to know that the fridge space is a bit cool then indoor space.

Why LED Cooler Tube?

Well, this tube comes with some features that are beneficial for the operator such as the most important feature Ingress protection rating. With the IP54 rating, this cooler tube protects the fixture from dirt, dust, oil, and non-corrosive materials.

led cooler tube

Along with the rating the fixture comes with the blazing lighting outcome of day white light. With high color rendering index, the LED Cooler Tube emits the quality light and shows the original color of the objects and groceries.

The glass of this tube is unbreakable so there is no chance of glass-breakage after the rough use. You can easily install this light fixture into the fridge and can save energy consumption.

What Features Make LED Cooler Tube Special?

This cooler tube has a 180 - degree wide beam angle so that the light source could illuminate the whole space whether your fridge is small or large. It has thermal heat dissipation so the fixture will be cool after the long duration.

This tube also has 50,000 hours lifespan which makes them last longer as compared with other lighting sources. Other lighting fixtures does consume high energy which leads to costly lighting bills.

This fixture is DLC and ETL certified which make this light source safer to use and fulfill the lighting desires. LED cooler tube could replace fluorescent tubes and reduce energy consumption. LEDs don’t require costly maintenance alike fluorescents.

Can A Fridge Works Without Light?

The simple answer is YES!!!, a fridge would easily work without a light source.

A lighting fixture just illuminates the space instantly when you open the fridge door, it happens because of the sudden raid. Without the lighting fixture, you wouldn’t be able to see the groceries properly kept in the fridge.

At The End

It is important to have an LED Cooler Tube in their fridge. Make sure that you install this cooler tube with the help of an expert. If you want to know more about this appliance or have any queries related to it then directly contact our customer support team.

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