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Canopy Lights, Fit for Gas Stations and Godowns

LED Canopy Lights
LED Canopy Lights
LED Canopy Lights
LED Canopy Lights

Lighting solutions are incomplete without Canopy Lights. Available in myriad shapes, these lights easily steal one’s heart. Because of its soothing beams, canopy lights are mounted on the ceiling of the garage, petrol station, walkways, aisles, backyard spaces, and storage areas.


The slim die-cast aluminum housing easily mounts to the recessed junction. Superior Photo sensors in the light facilitate dusk to dawn control.

Places where LED Canopy Lights are almost inevitable.

Taxi station

Canopy sensors easily spot the intruder. The taxi stand owners not only install these lights to keep eyes on unsocial elements, but they also install it for smooth mobility.

Home’s courtyard

Slim canopy lights illuminate the courtyard. In the evening time when the sky is studded with stars, these lights bring inexplicable peace to mind.

Small Godown

All the godowns aren’t big. Sleek and suave canopy light intersperse uniform light in godowns with ceilings not more than 15 ft.

LED Canopy lights

Gas Stations

Gas stations are the place where you fetch fuel for vehicles. This place is sensitive to temperature, so with other lighting fixtures, elegant canopy lights are a good option.

What statics say about Canopy Lights?

As per researchers, canopy lights conserve more than 90% energy and perhaps that’s why smart petrol station owners prefer them over conventional lights.

Superior technical features

Canopy lights easily replace Halide lights.

This lighting fixture doesn’t take adequate time to warm up.

IP65 rating provides resistance against bad weather.  

This light doesn’t have harmful chemicals.


LED Canopy lights are far better than simple lights. According to the research company, when simple lights were replaced by canopy fixtures, they drew more customers. There is a lot of information available on the internet about these lights, in case you have any query, then you can post it, we promise our experts will answer it in the least possible time.

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