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Collection: LED Canopy

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About LED Canopy

Designed to help you light up your gas station, canopy, car wash, and convenience store better, LED Canopy Lights are reasonably priced at LEDMyPlace- your favorite online portal for LED lighting requirements. 

Since it is a gas station where people prefer to stop by and relax for a while before hitting the road again, it is important for you to make the atmosphere welcoming. Right kind of lighting that makes space look safe and relaxing is what makes the real difference. This is what makes the people behind the wheels choose your gas station instead of the one neighboring yours.

Our surface-mounted LED canopy lights sure help you achieve the same at your gas station. Since LED canopy lights by LEDMyPlace are tested to last over 50,000 operational hours, there’s no need for you to go in for frequent replacements- added savings of time, energy, and money.

These days, canopy lights are also being used to light up convenience stores and motel walkways.

Types Available

Under dimmable category, we have 45W & 70W variants of LED canopy lights available. We also have LED canopy lights available in 75W & 150W variants that are non-dimmable.

Accessories Required

LED Canopy Plates that help make the installation look easy and- the end result- tidy, are also available at LEDMyPlace.