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Cheshire Initiates Their LED Conversion Project

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led panel lights
led panel lights
led panel lights

The alarming rise in the depletion of non-renewable energy sources is a significant threat to civilization. The majority of the civilized world is accustomed to living under the joys of electricity. Commercial buildings, schools, colleges, and industries every bit of the economic venue is consuming energy. 

Even if we as a generation overlook the risk of losing our non-renewable energy resources, we cannot run away from the utility bills. Every year a hefty amount of money is spent on lighting fixtures, maintenance, and spending on utility bills. 

LED Office Lighting fixtures offer a technology that helps in the judicious use of electricity. LED Panels and LED Troffers are used in schools and commercial buildings to aesthetically complement the space and also ensuring a return on investment from these lights. 

Here is a story of Cheshire estimating a decrease in the town’s energy consumption.

Six schools switching to LEDs in Cheshire:

On July 5, 2020, the Cheshire Academy announces to “The Cheshire Herald” news portal, about their upcoming project of converting school lights with LEDs. 

The Academy was recently appreciated for its initiative in the sustainable energy consumption program. After a successful result, the Cheshire public school now follows its path towards LED Lights conversion. 

led panels

The six schools that Cheshire aspires to renovate with LED technology equipped lighting are Norton, Chapman, Highland, Doolittle, Darcy School, and Dodd Middle school. 

June 16, the Cheshire Town Council member, Chief Officer Vincent Masciana, says, “The upgrades that are being done at the six schools are primarily to take all the non-LED lighting that’s remaining and convert it to LED. The project would mean LED lighting in our offices, storerooms, gyms, and auditoriums that weren’t converted as part of the 2015 larger Ameresco project.”

He further shares that in 2015, Ameresco Energy Efficiency worked with the Cheshire Board of Education to complete installing LED Lighting at a contract cost of $10.2 million. At that time, Eversource chose J.K Energy Resources as their installing contractor. 

Masciana added, “The total project cost is $139,097, and Eversource is providing an incentive directly for this [lighting] project of $53,922. So basically, 39% of the project cost is funded directly by this Eversource incentive.”

With this energy-saving initiative by the school, the town of Cheshire will be earning $22,662 in savings per year, with the payback period of only 3.76 years. The school board also estimates that there will be a decrease of 57% on the energy consumption of the area. The school also believes that its LED project will encourage other schools for the same. 

Lighting Ergonomics and its impact on every-day life: 

Lighting that is ergonomically complementing the building and also financially supporting the public and commercial establishments will always be a good investment. Many investors and contractors pause to retaliate on the initial installation costs, nevertheless, with energy-saving technology, and low maintenance, LEDs will get a return on your investment in no time. 

According to researches and observation, lighting also controls productivity and health; our circadian cycle is directly related to light. Here is a blog that will help you get an in-depth knowledge of lighting and its health impacts. 

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