DIY Installation Steps for LED Flood Lights

DIY Installation Steps for LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights are mainly installed to illuminate the wide space such as garden, highways, pathways, and such larger spaces. At the LEDMyplace, we have manufactured this lighting fixture which directly replaces the metal-halide lighting fixture.

In this article, we will explain some below-mentioned points that clear all your doubts in your mind.

  • How to Install LED Flood Lights?
  • Why do you need this fixture?

Above-mentioned topics describe the product in the best manner.

How To Install LED Flood Lights?

To install LED Flood Lights you need to follow the below steps very carefully:

Step 1: Choose the Location: Select the location first so that you will get the lighting output in a wide range and make sure that the location must have a power source.

Step 2: Check the Power Source: Turn off the power source before you start the installation process otherwise you might get a strong shock.

Step 3: Connect the Fixture’s Wiring: Connect the wires as mentioned in the instructional manual (you will get the instructional manual with the fixture in the box). After connecting the wires cover the wires with duct-tape or any with electrical tape. Push the wires back into the box.

Step 4: Check the Fixture Connections and Test It: When you are done with the wiring process, turn on the fixture and detect that the fixture is working properly or not. If not then call an expert to reinstall the fixture in a proper way.



These are the DIY (Do It Yourself) installation steps which make the process easier for anybody.

Why Do You Need This Fixture?

Before buying an LED Flood Light, it is necessary to aware of the benefits. In the section below, we have mentioned the beneficial features of this lighting fixture:

Durable: To identifies the fixture’s durability, make sure that the lifespan of LED flood light is 10 times more than fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent lights. The operational hours of our fixture are more than 50,000 hours whereas the other fixtures have less than 15,000 hours lifespan. Once you replace your old fixture with our energy efficient lighting fixture then you don’t need to worry about the replacement and high maintenance cost.

Energy-efficiency: LED Flood Lights do not emit heat just like halogen and metal halide fixture does. By operating this LED lighting lamp, you can save 80% on energy consumption. LED lighting fixtures consume low electrical energy and lead you to save dollars on lighting bills.

Illuminate Bright Light: LED lighting fixture produces the bright lighting output in the 120-degree beam angle. The white tint of the fixture is 5700K day white light which illuminates the space with blazing light. The lighting output of the fixture is far better than MH fixture, halogen fixture, and incandescent lighting fixture. Illuminate the space with bright light is not enough, the fixture must emit the quality light as well. This fixture lightens the space with 70+ high CRI (Color Rendering Index) which shows the true color of an object.

Safety: This fixture is UL and  DLC premium listed which shows that the fixture doesn’t fell down while working time and give an electrical shock.


In the end, if you face any trouble while installation or you want to know more about the product, feel free to get in touch with our customer support executive or LED experts via call or live chat. We are happy to serve you help.

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