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Do Dusk to Dawn Lights use a Lot of Electricity?

The LED Dusk to dawn light with photocell is the best form of outdoor lights that can lighten the places in a more graceful way, these lights are suitable for outdoor places such as streets, roadways, parking lots, pedestrian areas among many other places where compromising on the lighting means compromising with the lives of humans as well.

The dusk-to-dawn LED lights to come with photocell option allowing them to lighten the place in a more graceful way, these lights are photocell enabled lights feature and turns on/off automatically as per the overall lighting needs and you don’t need any person to turn the lights on and off manually anymore. During the day when natural light is present, the LED dusk to dawn light with photocell will not activate which saves energy and during the lights, will turn on automatically to illuminate the place completely. These lights use much lesser watts of energy to produce better results a further giving you additional savings by reducing the wastage of electricity as well.

What is area lighting?

The area or site lighting is the outdoor lights that can offer a uniform lighting experience helpful in lighting the bigger and larger places, you can install these lights at parking lots, downtown areas, neighborhoods, walkways, building grounds among many other places so that the safety of the pedestrians can be increased greatly. 

Proper outdoor area lights can increase safety by illuminating walking paths and potential obstacles as well, that otherwise can result in huge traffic chaos, Some other benefits of installing LED area lights including LED dusk to dawn lights with photocell include, 

  • You can have greater energy savings and more control of the outdoor activities that happen during nights.
  • By illuminating roads, parks, and other public spaces, the chances of accidents and injuries can be avoided greatly.
  • The bright lights always look very beautiful in night markets and help in beautification of the state, city or country as a whole. 

What is the brightest dusk to dawn light?

55W LED Dusk to Dawn Light with photocell

55 Watt – 6800 Lumens!  Perfect for use as an LED Yard Light, LED Barn Light or as the outdoor Security lights 

Features of LED dusk to dawn light 

    • These lights use 55 watts of electricity to produce close to 7000 lumens 
    • These Dusk To Dawn Outdoor LED Lights Include Photocell, Mounting Arm and Bracket for Pole or Wall Mounting 
    • You can install these lights at Garages, Barn Lights, Alleyways, Parking Lots among many other outdoor places.
    • Use these lights for more than 50,000 hours and get 5 Year of Warranty from the manufacturer’ side as well.
  • These LED Dusk To Dawn light with photocell are eco-friendly lights and will give maximum savings when replaced with the traditional form of lights. 

    What is the best led yard light?

    Certainly, you need to light your yard in an attractive way during the nights so that the value of your property can be increased and moreover, the chances of stumbling on unseen objects can be avoided completely. 

    LEDMyplace 55w LED Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Light

    This 55w LED outdoor light is one of the best lights which you can consider to install in the yards, these lights deliver close to 7000 lumens and can even replace a 250-watt incandescent light which means better illumination at the most reduced rates. 

    100w LED Post top outdoor Light 

    Despite its compact design, this LED yard light use only 56 watts of power to produce 12,800 lumens which is much higher than the traditional lights, you can replace it with 300w lights. So ensure that you are taking enough measures regarding the safety and security of your loved ones. 

    So make the yards look more illuminated and brighter by installing in these yard lights, the yards that are well lit encourages you to get involved in some outdoor activities as barbecuing and tailgating to name a few with your friends and family members. 

    How many lumens do I need for a yard light?

    Lumens is an important factor which you needs to consider while buying the LED yard lights as it is responsible for lighting the place in a graceful way. The preferences of the lights you are buying vary from area to area and since the LED yard lights have different features, you need to pay attention to all of them out of which lumens is one of the most important factors to be considered. The lumens exactly depend on the size of the place, if the place where you want to install these lights is wider and larger, you need those lights who have higher lumens to lighten up the yards.

    The Lumens output 

    We all know that the LED Pole lights are famous for delivering better lumens as compared to the traditional form of lights and are capable to lighten the place in a more graceful way. Many people believe that LED dusk to dawn lights use more lumens but this is totally wrong as yard light use much lesser watts to produce maximum brightness. And with low power consumption, expect to spend very little on electricity bills as well. 

    Some of the suggestions on lumens for various outdoor lights are discussed underneath:

    • For Path lighting- 100-200 lumens
    • Step lights: 12-100 lumens
    • Floodlights: 700-1300 lumens
    • Motion sensor lights: 300-700 lumens
    • Pond/pool lights: 200-400 lumens
    • Hardscape lights (on walls): 50-185 

    Ease of Installation

    Besides, lumens also invest in those LED yard lights that come with the easy installing option so that you can install them correctly and can avoid all kinds of incorrect installations as well, which is a total wastage of time and money as well. Also, look at whether the lights you are buying comes with hardware and has properly explained instructions as well so that you can install them in a much easier way. 

    What is photocell outdoor lighting?

    Most of the times, people forget to switch off the outdoor lights during the early morning which results in wastage of energy, one of the best methods to cut the energy usage is to eliminate the use of those lights that needs to be manually turn on and off. Today most of the outdoor lights come with pre-installed photocell options which are primarily used to turn exterior lights off at dawn and back on when the sunsets.

    Benefits of installing LED Dusk to dawn light with photocell

    • You can illuminate a variety of outdoor areas by installing these lights that not only will give you more savings but will also brighten up sidewalks or entrances to buildings as well. 
    • Regardless of the location, these Dusk to Dawn light fixtures can provide bright light and consistent light coverage as well useful to make the outdoor places look more illuminated as well.
    • These lights are built to give long-lasting lighting results and offer two easy mounting options including wall-mount and arm mounting for poles.
    • Most importantly, these lights are motion sensor activated lights and will give you the brightness you need to lighten the place. Since these lights are motion enabled lights so will on from dusk until dawn, and will automatically on when the sunlight disappears.

    What is a shoebox light?

    The LED Shoebox lights are designed to replace MH and High-Pressure Sodium shoebox lights and these LEDs can be installed at the parking lots and other public areas which are used by more number of people during the nights. Installing Shoebox lighting is an effective way to illuminate large parking areas with ease and installing these fixtures rightly can result in a wide scope of lighting that is powerful and effective. 

    Places where you can install these LED shoebox lights

    • Parking lots
    • Building entrances
    • Universities
    • Roadways
    • Walkways
    • Car dealerships
    • Public parks
    • Street lighting
    • Sports venues, concerts among many other outdoor places. 

    Presently these LED dusk to dawn light with photocell has gained wider popularity over the last so many years and various countries are launching a nationwide replacement of streetlights with these better and more energy-efficient LEDs. So switch to these energy-efficient LED outdoor lights so that you can save much in terms of energy and dollars and energy each year.

    The main reason people buy these Dusk to Dawn lights is to have bright lights at night time so that the safety and security at the outdoor spaces can be increased greatly, these light fixtures emit wide and bright light beams thus making them the best and perfect lights for illuminating large outdoor areas such as yards, parking lots, sports fields, streets among many other places.

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    • Will I need to leave the lightswitch on at all times for the dusk to dawn light. I only leave it on now when I want the light on. Getting a dusk to dawn light to save emery but if I have to leave the light switch on, does that use energy also?

      Barb Kuhn

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