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Do You Need LED Pole light Installations In 2021?

Do You Need LED Pole light Installations In 2021?
Do You Need LED Pole light Installations In 2021?
Do You Need LED Pole light Installations In 2021?
Do You Need LED Pole light Installations In 2021?

Another year is coming to an end, and people seem to be grateful for the opportunity to see more of the world! As we move forward in our mission to spread cheer through our premium LED lighting fixtures, it is the right time for you to stop and think for a minute. Do You Need to install LED Pole lights in 2021? Well, the answer to the question may be subjective. This blog post will take you through the logic that must run in the head before considering LED parking lot light installations. 

What Should you consider before switching to LED pole lights?

led pole lights

In an honest opinion, you may not need to replace the existing lighting fixtures of a property if they are in reasonably good condition. However, if you want to shift to an energy-saving alternative, go for an LED light installation. Apart from the excellent illumination for which LED lights are famous, it would be best if you considered the following:

Cost Of Fixture

The costs of LED parking lot lights have gone down over the years. However, you must take adequate time and find the best possible deals on premium-quality LED lighting fixtures.

Cost Of Installation

When considering LED pole light installations, you’ll have to consider the installation costs, which most of the time are lower than those involved with traditional fixtures. Since LED lamps are easy to install, you will find the installation fast and affordable. Furthermore, the new LED lights will last longer, so there will be less frequent maintenance. 

Cost Of Disposal

Compared with fluorescent lights, metal halides, and incandescents (among other conventional lights), LED lighting fixtures allow safe disposal. Furthermore, most parts of an LED luminaire are recyclable, making them worth some bucks even after their lifespan ends.

Rebate Eligibility

You must know that LED security lighting fixtures are eligible for several state and municipal rebate programs. So, consider choosing LED fixtures that guarantee a rebate. 

Small Savings Matter, Right!

Small Savings Matter, Right!

When it comes to paybacks, LED lighting fixtures are so far the most promising ones. You can calculate the savings through the following steps:

Check the wattage of your existing outdoor lights; if the lights use ballast, do not forget to include the power drawn by the device. 

Calculate the power consumption of your lighting fixtures in watt-hours :

Wattage × hours per day = watt-hours per day;

Calculate the power consumption for a more extended time: 

For ( X) days per year: watt-hours per year ÷ 1,000 = kWh per year. 

Calculate the total cost of energy

Total kWh per year × energy cost per kWh = total annual energy cost.

For instance, 

150W × 11= 1650 watt-hours per day;

For 365 days per year: 1650 ÷ 1000 = 1.65 kWh per year.

1.65 × 16.7 cents = $27.55

Why is the Energy calculation necessary?

Calculating the energy consumption rate of conventional lighting fixtures is a starting point. In the steps that follow, you will have to compare the light output and wattage of an existing fixture with an LED fixture. The comparison will allow choosing a suitable LED alternative for an existing traditional fixture. Also, you may want to calculate the total energy consumption of the existing lighting fixtures if:

  • Your State’s energy cost per kw/h is high.
  • Your outdoor lighting fixtures are subject to long hours of usage.
  • Your utility company provides lucrative rebates on the amount of energy saved each month.

You may also want to consider the following factors:

  • Type of fixture and bulb.
  • Mounting style: pole or wall?
  •  What type of light bulb does your existing fixture have?
  •  How many watts does it consume per hour? 
  • Which is your utility company?
  • How many hours a day do you run your lights?
  • Would you like to integrate advanced controls, such as photocells, motion sensors, or timers?
  • Is the existing lighting fixture bright enough? 

Coming to the conclusion

Once you have the answer to all of the above questions, you can set out on the path of retrofitting or installing brand new LED pole lights. However, keep in mind that LED lights beat the conventional fixtures by many laps when it comes to lighting quality and longevity. Therefore, making the shift to LED lights will make for an excellent start to the coming year. Take a look at this post that explains the myths about LED lights. Also, follow our blog post ‘How Do Lamp Post Light Installations work’ for details on LED parking lot lights installation.  

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