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How to Standout Your Gas Stations?

In every business visual attractiveness has become very important, especially for gas stations. Because they are large in number and the competition is pretty much high. So, what you can do to increase the visibility of your gas stations?Well, you can redesign your gas station by spending a lot of dollars! Or you can replace your lights with LED Canopy by doing a small investment.

LED Canopy lights

Basically, most of the gas stations open 24-hours and are presently using HID (High-Intensity Discharge). Which consumes high energy and produces very low lumens (potency) output. Leads you to pay a big amount of your budget to utility-bills.

Did you know?

LED Canopy Lights curtail energy-bills and enhance customer experiences.

Why LED Canopy?

In a wide-space open area, required a lighting fixture can meet lighting standards. Highly energy-efficient, easy-installation, high-lumens output, and environmental-friendly. Which all comes in one single fixture the LED Canopy Lights. 

A designed lighting fixture offers you a high-lumens efficacy, with low energy consumption.  These LED Canopy Lights are better for business in comparison to old metal-halide fixtures- and safe for the environment as well. 

Further, if you are not using LED Canopy Lights, then you are missing a lot of benefits making environmental-apprehension a section of your business plan. Because there are many privileges given by local-states at federal levels (such as tax breaks) to the eco-friendly business. 

More Benefits of LED Canopy Lights

Due to the regular operation for 24-hours, the old metal-halide fixture wouldn't last for long. Not only leads you to high energy-bills but regular call to the electrician when lights burn out or don't work. The cost you to pay around 200$ and more on a regular basis.

In comparison to metal-halide, these Canopy lights burn at low-temperature and can easily last for decades with a very low maintenance cost. 

These lights provide an utmost brightness at your gas stations, which helps your customers find the way and enhances the fueling experience in every visit. Your customers will never gone experienced that dark environment again. 

What more? LEDMyplace brings you a dimmable LED Canopy Lights, which is not so common. Because of this dimmable feature, you can control the brightness 0-10 by using a dimmer and controls your utility-bills more efficiently. 

Zero-Light Pollution

So, what do you understand by light pollution? It means those lighting fixtures which contain mercury and lead or anything that can pollute the environment by disposing of them in open. The illuminants come from them are considered as “Dark Sky Complaint”. 

Canopy Lights does emit any UV or mercury and also does not contain any mercury and lead. Which means these accepted by the standards of IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) reduces ambient light wattage.  This maintains the natural night sky and decreases light pollution as much as possible. 


In this blog, we’ve covered some major points about LED Canopy lights. That in what terms these lights are beneficial for you and for your business. Now, the decision is yours that you have to do one-time investment by installing canopy lights and save big in the future! or go for the old metal-halide and faces the consequences in the future.

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