Guide to Backlit LED Mirrors

Guide to Backlit LED Mirrors


If you are not planning to start a big home or business renovation but still looking to make some small changes. The challenge is to search for the most impactful changeovers with less effort and hassle. Who doesn’t love changes that can make your place new and beautiful? Everyone. 

The bathroom is the one place where a few changes can create a huge impact. Many of us forget that the ambiance of the bathroom is too important along with the other rooms. Bathroom is the only place where people get their me-time in front of the mirror, getting dressed and grooming themselves for any occasion. Having a well-lit and functional bathroom mirror can inspire relaxation and peace that impact your well-being and mental health. 

Moving forward, we will share some excellent ways to transform the bathroom without hassle or much cost - an LED backlit mirror

First - Learn About Bathroom Lighting.

A basic need in a bathroom is effective and functional lighting. Installing lighting in bathrooms can be tricky as tight spaces and small rooms make it hard to place ceiling lights and sconces. Different types of lighting are required in the bathroom for various purposes. 

For example, A wall sconce or any other lighting above your mirror may offer great task lighting, but that won’t be enough for ambient lighting in the shower area. Sometimes, you may experience shadow lighting with the center light of the room. 

Some people may select hanging pendants or place sconces on any side of the mirror for lighting. Either way, it is not realistic for smaller spaces. 

In this case, Choose an LED Backlit Mirror

Backlit Mirror


LED lighting placed behind the mirror is mainly called an LED-backlit mirror. Outlining the perimeter of the mirror gives a subtle look with sufficient lighting glow. 

Installing a lighted vanity mirror will offer you functional and beautiful lighting without requiring extra space for an individual lighting fixture. The warm glowing light will convert your bathroom into a relaxing and inviting space while giving you the option of a functional lit mirror.  

WHY CHOOSE A LED Lighted Vanity Mirror?

A lighted mirror provides double duty mainly for small areas. Hanging lights capture valuable reflection space, and it can be distracting. LED backlit mirrors can deliver excellent lighting coverage while maintaining the efficiency of the area. 

Using this LED Lighted Vanity Mirror can offer no shadow light on your face – perfect for daily tasks such as shaving, applying makeup, and other grooming tasks. 

Lighted mirrors are most effective and energy-efficient as it uses LED bulbs which consume less energy while throwing higher brightness than incandescent bulbs. 

A LED backlit mirrors illuminate soft and glowing lighting, creating a modern and calm ambiance. 


Size: The size of the room is one of the most important things that you should measure before finalizing your light. If the power of lighting and mirror is too big for the space, it can overpower the area, making it feel harsh and overwhelming. And choosing a small lighted mirror can be impractical. 

Frame: Finalize if you need a framed or frameless backlit mirror. Frameless mirrors are more minimal, and framed ones are a statement. Anyone you choose per your requirements, but a backlit mirror can offer a magnificent focal point to your bathroom. 

Shape: See the rounded edges such as oval or round mirrors, these offer a graceful look and softer feel. 

Storage: Choosing a LED-backlit medicine cabinet mirror can offer extra storage space. 

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