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Guide to Plan Hotel Lighting

Guide to Plan Hotel Lighting
Guide to Plan Hotel Lighting
Guide to Plan Hotel Lighting
Guide to Plan Hotel Lighting

If a guest visits your hotel, then off-course their experience matters a lot like how did they feel, right! Whatever the science or the art of lighting is, there may seem insignificant to them, but the Usage of the best hotel lighting fixture will make your hotel unique and stand out in the crowd. One must not understand the importance of LED lights in the hotel, but I bet that it is the only thing that can transform any ordinary building into a masterpiece.

The world of hospitality is in constant evolution; the change is much hasty if we compare it with the past. It is so because the hotel wants to keep itself updated and renewed. Lighting is all about combining the material with energy-saving. Let's have a look at some of the lighting trends which are most demanding for completing any design in the hotel:

Lighting Trends:

  •  The lighting depends on the nature, characteristics, and different elements of the hotel. Any hotel's positive experience depends on its visual as the quality of the light has its specific effect. Many factors are responsible for the design like the limitation of the brightness, distribution of the rays, perfect direction, and colour of the light with the precise colour rendering.
  •  Actual Usage of light means accompanying the users' movement at 360 degrees, so, you need to work on the shadows, darkness by creating the right contrast. Making use of emotional and creative light has become paramount.

Now let's understand how to illuminate the different parts of the hotel with the hotel lighting fixture?

How to illuminate the lobby and reception of the hotel?


These are the main two spaces where we welcome our guests for the first time in the hotel to make them stand out. It's an opportunity for a hotel to express its uniqueness through its infrastructure, design, and ambiance. If you want to create a specific atmosphere, it is very important to incorporate flexible and controlled lighting options.

Use functional lights as it works to lead the way to the rooms, stairs, and entrance to the elevators. If the corridors are of complete length, you should also show a discrepancy in the lighting levels. Lighting plays a significant role in using an adequate shielding of wall and ceiling light for these areas as it changes the perception that the corridor is not that long.

Downlights are one of the most demanding lights because of their flawless sophistication, flexibility, and even beam distribution. You can choose a dominant light or use an intimate or welcome light by playing with contrasts and warm tones to make it more inviting and respect the intimacy of the place. Lights will lead the guests and help them to recognize the areas like reception, sitting room, cupboard in the easiest way. There should be a balance between the vertical and horizontal light in the hall if you are looking for quality lighting. The precise brilliance of illumination on the material will help soften the shadows formed by the incandescent bodies heading towards the reception counter.

How to illuminate the rooms in a hotel?

rooms in a hotel

The moment your guest enters the hotel room, the first thing that influences them is the lighting. The hotel lighting fixture is an integral part of the hotel and plays a crucial role in creating the ambiance. It's a fact that every human's perception is not the same; in this same way, each of us does not similarly perceive the light. It is better to give the control of lighting in your guest's hand to facilitate their use or set an ambiance of the room as per their desire or mood.

The hotel room environment is new for the guest to make them feel familiar, install the lighting of warm color ranging 2700k to 3000k. Strong contrast and brightness should be avoided.

For reading in bed, you can install a directional luminaire or wall lamp.

For enlarging the space of the room, a mirror can be used in between the room and bathroom

If the room is attached to the outdoor terrace, you can illuminate your outdoor space by resorting to the direct effects of the light on the floor, which will make the light sessions participating in the play of light

How to illuminate therestaurants and conference room?

conference room

A clear, unique concept and design are the essential features for the dining and entertainment areas. The lighting emphasizes the legitimacy of the occasion, whether it is traditional, cool, or exotic. Lighting serves a range of purposes like marriage, birthday, corporate event, engagement, etc.

LED Downlights, pendants, panels, and T8 LED tube lights are the most demanding and perfect light sources for illuminating the restaurants and conference rooms.

How to illuminate the bar of the hotel?

There should be an all-encompassing and relaxing atmosphere in the bar so that it could offer relaxing moments to your guests. Usage of the perfect level of the lighting in the spaces induce your guests for a relaxed conversation. Create a range of visual effects if you want to target a youth audience.

You can make use of pendants and colour changing strip lights for creating an attractive atmosphere.

How to illuminate the bathroom in a hotel?

LED vanity mirrors are best for illuminating the bathroom and creating an ambiance. You will obtain a dressing room's effect through the emitted and diffused light with the direct lighting component of a maximum of 20%.

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We make sure that we will never let you be down because the LED lights we manufacture are unbeatable and unmatchable.

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