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How Big Should A Mirror Be Over A Vanity?

lighted vanity mirror
lighted vanity mirror
lighted vanity mirror
lighted vanity mirror

A well-lighted LED mirror looks absolutely gorgeous in the bathrooms. It adds an incredible look in the bathroom and enchants the whole environment. Apart from looking heavenly gorgeous, the lighted bathroom mirror is an efficient source to offer even illumination to your vanity surface. This is the reason why people are cherishing the idea of opting for lighted vanity mirrors. The concept is both effective and efficient as it serves the purpose of looking great and offering visibility simultaneously.

However, big is not always good. In the scenario of lighted vanity mirrors, you must focus on the performance and requirement as going for too big can sometimes be fishy. Similarly, considering that a small LED mirror will do the job will be a bad idea. Being cheap can sometimes end up costing you more. Thus, you must focus on the size of your lighted bathroom mirror prior to finalizing it.

How does shape & size provoke the look?

Nowadays, you can witness numerous styles and sizes in lighted vanity mirrors that look charmingly influencing. So naturally, these features provoke us to buy them, but if they are not appropriate to go with the bathroom vanity, it will be a total waste. You don’t want your LED mirror to soak up all the charm and make your vanity look bland. So, observe the dimensions of your vanity area and choose carefully.

Choose appropriate sized LED mirror

Your lighted vanity mirror should neither be too big nor too small as it will affect the performance of the LED mirror. A large lighted bathroom mirror over the comparatively small vanity can dominate the look and make the vanity look small even if it's 60” wide.

In the case of a small lighted vanity mirror, it makes everything look complicated. The light dispersion angle gets narrowed and makes you feel congested as you are trying to cope with your mirror being way smaller than required.

Suggested size for lighted bathroom mirrors for your vanity

Suggested size for lighted bathroom mirrors for your vanity

For better results, the keen suggested measure is that your lighted vanity mirrors should at least be an inch shorter than your vanity. Therefore, for balancing the symphony of great looks and visibility, you must ensure that you pick the right dimensions of an LED mirror for your vanity.

Width of the mirror 

(in inches)

Width of the bathroom vanity 

(in inches)













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