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How To Be Unattractive With Your LED Strip Lighting

How To Be Unattractive With Your LED Strip Lighting
How To Be Unattractive With Your LED Strip Lighting
How To Be Unattractive With Your LED Strip Lighting
How To Be Unattractive With Your LED Strip Lighting

Being unpopular, as we all know from our teenage years, is not a tough job. Just don’t do anything, don’t stand for anything, don’t go for the latest and you will be as invisible as invisible can be. 

However, it takes special care, meticulous planning and efforts which makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

When it comes to decorating your indoor space, as we have stated earlier, being unpopular is easy. You can not put a single effort and nobody will even notice that you have decorated your indoor space. By not using 12V LED strip lights, you are making the right choice of being Mr Nobody.

Just like any other industry, Indoor Strip LED technology is also undergoing transformative changes that bring a whole new paradigm to the sphere every few years. Now, to be unattractive with your choice of technology, you can keep living in the 1990s and pretend that Micheal Jackson is still alive.  

LED is Hip,LED is new,LED technology is better,ignore it!

By properly following this guide, we can assure that even your closest friends who notice every little thing about you, will overlook your nonchalant efforts to shape no new corner of your indoor. 

Here are the reasons for which you can disregard LED technology

  • LEDs are efficient: You don’t want that, because its a smart choice and you want to stay unattractive. Although LEDs save up to 75% on your energy bills but you will still not switch to LEDs because you want to unnecessarily spend on your utility bills. 

  • LEDs generate much less heat which results in brighter more powerful light using much less power. But since you are living in the 1990s, you will use incandescent and fluorescent fixtures which will burn a hole through a pocket. 

    Knowing that an LED light of 300W can replace a metal halide fixture of 1000W, you will stay in the dark and will never decide to actually switch over to LED because that would be a smart choice. 

  • LEDs are eco-friendly: As a result of lesser heat dissipation, and because of using a much lesser wattage as compared to traditional lights, LEDs disperse no amount of substance into the atmosphere and also put much less pressure on the grid as compared to its counterparts. 

  • This results in a reduction of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and ultimately becomes a piece of good news for global warming. 

    US Government’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in its 2016 LED Adoption report said that, “LED products in 2016 delivered 469 trillion British thermal units (tBtu) in source energy savings, translating to about $4.7 billion in reduced energy bills. Savings could have been nearly 10 times greater (4,428 tBtu or $44 billion) if all applications had been completely switched to top-tier LED technologies during 2016.”

    But you have made up your mind, anything extraordinarily good is not suited for you. 

  • High CRI: LED technology offers the best in class color rendering index which determines to what accuracy an object will be rendered by the given light. Higher the CRI, more accurate the colors. 

  • Typically, with most of the LEDs out there, a CRI of more than 80% is a standard. In some premium grade LEDs, CRI can go as high as 95% which means that the color will be 95% like it would be in daylight. 

    But no, ignore the readings on the wall, move on, you don’t want to see the things as they truly are.

  • Long lasting: Imagine having an indoor LED ornamental lighting that goes on and on and on, for 50,000 hours non-stop. Wouldn’t that be something amazingly cool? Exactly! That’s why you don’t want that

  • For all your thought-provoking nothingness, all your empty zest, there is a simple explanation as to why you will still not switch to LED. It is because you are averse to good things. Period. 

    Let us have a look at various features of our 12V LED strip lights for you to ignore

    What Are LED strip lights, know before you shun

    LED Strip lights are a decorative piece of indoor lighting that finds its use in not just decorative purposes but also in lightening up indoor spaces such as cabinets, under-cabinets, windows, etc. These strip lights have, as the name suggests, LED laid out on a strip that can be traced along any path to make for a decorative and attractive lighting fixture. But since you want to remain as dull as you can be with your indoor lighting, don't use those. 

    led strip lights

    Here are the features of these LED strip lights

    • Different types available: These LED strip lights are available in various wattages in different compositions. This allows the LED strip light to be installed for different purposes. These strip lights also come in various colors which can be mixed and match to create stunning indoor lighting designs.
  • Easy Installation: This magnificent piece of ingenuity comes with a DC 5.5W female connector which is easy to connect. The light comes with a layer of adhesive on the back which allows the light to be pasted on any surface.

  • Dimmable: The intensity of the strip light can be adjusted using an in-line Pulse Width Modulation dimmer. This allows for customised light settings for different moods. Be it a dinner with your boos, or a date with your loved one, or just some friends coming over for a game, these LED strip lights will sure catch the attention of your guests. 

  • High lumen output: Capable of delivering a total lumen output of 4,559.20 lumens, these strip lights bank on efficient LEDs sitting on a wide circuit board. 

  • Long-lasting: These LED strip lights come with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This is because unlike conventional lights, LED lights undergo rigorous testing of 50,000 hours. In contrast, conventional lights are tested for merely 1500 hours. 

  • Adhesive backing: With a layer of adhesive already applied on the backside of the strip, installing this light is as easy as putting tape on the surface. 

  • Can be cut into strips: These LED strip lights can be cut into strips according to the need and requirement. Having specially placed nods, the copper-lead frame allows the light to be cut and then later connected at specified areas.  

  • Ultra-wide beam angle: These LED strip lights have an ultra-wide beam angle of 180 degrees which disperses light evenly on a horizontal plane in line with the LED strip.

  • Flexible: These ultra-bright strip LED lights are flexible which makes application along the corner or curves a breeze.

  • Multiple color options: LED Strip lights with an RGB configuration can emit Red, Green or Blue light as per the requirement. Moreover, some LED lights use a combination of the RGB spectrum and produce a whopping 16 million colors.

  • If you are still not convinced that there LED strip lights will render a completely new and fresh look to your indoor lightings, rest assured you are beyond logic and reason. 

    But if you want to get out of your mundane lightings that you have installed in your house, get these 12V LED strips and upgrade the style quotient of your house.

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