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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: 12 Volt LED Strip Lights

12 Volt LED Strip Lights are excellent for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and other indoor spaces for decorative lighting purposes. You can buy RGB color changing, single color, and other color options in the collection of 12 volt LED strip lights from LEDMyPlace at affordable prices. Also, the lights come with a tape back so that you can easily mount them.

30 products

30 products

About 12 Volt LED Strip Lights

We carry a wide variety of 12VDC LED Strip lights for any indoor or outdoor lighting application. We have waterproof 12 volts LED Strips, 12 volts LED Strips for interior use and 12V LED Strips for use in automobile and marine applications.

Looking for a way to decorate your premises with stylish lighting options? 12v LED strip lights offer you a great option to achieve that objective. Luxurious and trending, these waterproof 12 volt led lights offer great energy efficiency and long life to your decorative ideas. Let your creativity flow and design your indoor or outdoor spaces like a home decor profession with these LED tape lights

What makes these LED 12v RGB led strip lights amazing are a number of features which are discussed in detail below. 

What makes 12v LED strip lights so impressive

  • Their energy efficiency: Converting more than 95% of the electricity into light, LED strip lights save up to 75% on your electricity bills and ensure that no hole is burnt through your pocket because of using these strip lights. 

  • These are good for the environment as well because these are not very energy consuming, therefore, these do not require much power from the fossil-fuel-based energy grids. This contributes to the reduction in the carbon footprint of the planet.

    • Their long life: These strip lights are tested to run for at least 50,000 hours. That means that once you install these LED strip lights you won’t have to bother for at least 5.7 years and with such low also because these need little to no maintenance cost, it will be a breeze for you once you install these LED strip lights financially. 
    • Available in multiple colors: These strip lights are available in multiple color options. Using the Red-Green-Blue colors the strip lights cycle these colors using the remote to give an impressive look to your design.  

  • These lights are waterproof: Having an IP65 rating, these lights can face any weather conditions be it rain, dust or moisture. Designed with outdoor use in mind, these waterproof LED strip lights prove absolutely weatherproof when it comes to withstanding the harshness of nature. 

  • Now that we know the reasons why these strip lights are a dear to DIY junkies and home decor experts, let’s take a look at the various kinds of 12v LED strip lights available. 

    Various Kind of LED strip lights available

    There is a variety of different LED strip lights that are available based on multiple factors such as the wattage, color, and the circuit board. Listed below are each of these factors and different options available for you to buy. 

    Based on wattages: There are a number of strip lights which are available in different wattages. These are: 
    • 19.68 Watt
    • 28.86 Watt1
    • 49.2 Watt
    • 57.75 Watt
    • 63.96 Watt
    • 90.2 Watt
    Based on color they emit: Based on the color there are multiple LED strip lights such as 
      • 3000K
      • 4000K
      • 6500K
      • UV
      • Blue
      • Green
      • Ice Blue
      • Pink
      • Red
      • Yellow
      • RGB
      • Tunable White
      Based on the circuit board: Based on the circuit board there are two kinds of strip lights which are available, these are: 
      • 8mm Print Circuit Board
      • 10mm Print Circuit Board

      Essentially a DIY person’s best tool, these LED strip lights are versatile, easy to install and are a great energy-efficient decorative light.