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Collection: Waterproof LED Strip Lights

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About Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Waterproof LED Strip Lights. Upgrade a variety of outdoor areas with Best Waterproof LED Strip Lights. Add vibrant controllable lighting to your deck, throughout the back yard to highlight features, or add lighting in the bathroom or other areas.

Perfect for lighting up outdoor areas the Waterproof 12V LED Strip Lights are the perfect solution for all your outdoor decorative needs. These waterproof LED strips are IP65 and IP68 rated which means that these lights can withstand a splash of water or two. These lights also have many other advantages which we will discuss in detail below. 

Advantages of outdoor LED strip light waterproof

Energy-efficient: These lights are highly energy efficient. The efficiency comes from the fact that these lights convert 95% of the electricity consumed into light and only 5% of the electricity is lost as heat. Therefore a much lower watt LED strip light can replace a higher watt conventional strip light. 

Eco-friendly: These multi-color LED strip waterproof lights are eco-friendly because these do not draw much electricity from the grid so less electricity is produced on its account. Thus, it helps in the reduction of the carbon footprint of the planet. 

Long-lasting: These lights are highly long-lasting and last for a minimum of 50,000 hours. This means that these lights will last for a minimum of 10 years even if you use the light 12 hours of the day. 

High CRI: These LED strip lights have a high CRI which means that the colors rendered by these lights are accurate in comparison with an ideal source of light such as daylight. 

Types of waterproof LED strip lights

IP65 rated: These strip lights can sustain a splash of water but cannot be submerged in water completely. This means that these lights are not suitable for swimming pool lighting etc. 

IP68 rated: IP68 rated strip lights can be submerged in water and are protected from any kind of damage from any natural element like dust, moisture or rain.