How To Brighten-Up The Car-Wash Store?

How To Brighten-Up The Car-Wash Store?

Most of the car-wash operate for 24 hours on a daily basis. They are presently using HID and metal halide fixtures to illuminate the space. These high wattage lighting fixtures come with the low lumen output which leads to costly lighting bills.

Car-Wash Store

In the present day, the latest LED technology already spread its roots in the market. The LED indoor lighting fixtures replace high wattage MH fixtures and offer high lumen output. LED Canopy comes with the longer lifespan which requires low-cost maintenance.

Most of the car-wash stores require blazing light output to complete their work in an appropriate way with perfection. Metal halides do lighten up the area but it leaves many dark spots and increase eye strain as well. LED lights become an ideal lighting fixture for those stores where it is installed.

In this article, we’ll be discussing this fixture benefits and the how you can fixture this fixture to your space. 

What Are The Beneficial Features Of LED Canopy Lights?

There are some fundamental myths about the LED Canopy lighting that it get heats-up after the long operation hours which is completely wrong. This lighting fixture comes with the thermal heat dissipation technology which keeps the fixtures cool after 24 hours working. Let's have a look at the more beneficial features of this lighting fixture.

LED Canopy lighting

  • As compared to the metal halide fixture, these lighting fixtures have the longer lifespan which actually suits your car-wash store duration. While having this fixture you don’t need to replace this fixture with any other fixture.
  • With the wide light beam angle, this fixture emits the fixture wider than any other. This fixture RoHS certified which means that the output of the canopy light doesn’t contain any hazardous component.
  • The metal halide fixtures are made of steel which leads to many problems such as quickly heat-up, corrosion, rust, and any external stress. LED Canopy lights have been covered with rugged die-cast aluminum which protects the fixture from rust and corrosion.

If you are regularly using metal halide lighting fixture than you must be aware of the problem you face while operating it. While reading this blog you must have realized that most of your problems are being solved but for that, you need to install this canopy light.

How To Install LED Canopy?

There are a few things you need to before installing canopy lights.


  1. Turn off the power supply to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
  2. Do not mount this fixture near to electrical heater.
  3. Before starting installing the fixture, first, consult with an expert.
  4. While connecting the wires, make sure that you only use certified and approved wire to increase the safety measures.

 Step 1: Remove the screw along with the mounting plate.

Step 2: Disconnect the LED reflector from the LED driver by stripping the connectors.

  • Position the fixture over the junction box and mark the appropriate holes in the housing properly and secure it with the hardware provided in the junction box.

Use silicone caulking on the back of housing in contact with a surface to seal the moisture and insects.

Step 3: Remove ½ plug-in the housing for routing supply voltage wire.

Step 4: Securely mount housing by drilling holes through knockouts and attaching to the mounting surface.

Step 5: Make wire connections as mentioned below:

  • Connect the ground wire with the junction box ground screw terminal.
  • Connect the black wire to the hot supply lead.
  • Connect the white wire with a common supply lead.

Step 6: Reconnect the LED reflector with the LED driver.

Step 7: replace refractor and tighten up all the screws and secure it with the silicone caulking.

You have successfully installed the LED Canopy on the ceiling of your car-wash store.

At the Glance

Beyond the benefits of this fixture, it is the highly energy-efficient with the high CCT and CRI which emits an ideal lighting output for your space whenever you want without getting costly energy bills.

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