How to Choose the Right LED Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

How to Choose the Right LED Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

Lights play an essential role in waking you up to a good morning and taking you through the day in a productive manner, to putting you to a good night’s sleep. Many ancient architectures stand in a way that allows them to flush with an adequate amount of sunlight. The reason behind living in synchronization with light is that it helps regulate the serotonin and melatonin levels in your body. Serotonin and melatonin are responsible for maintaining the circadian rhythm that regulates your sleep cycle.

You must always get proper amounts of sunlight and sleep on time. Another thing that you must take care of is the lights in your house. Having plenty of natural light coming in is the best. However, if your house is in the middle of a crowded city, it is hard to wake up to sunshine every day. Having LED lighting fixture installations at home is an excellent way to compensate for the shortage of natural lighting.

LED lighting fixtures are the ideal replacements for the conventional lights that you know. Right from metal halide bulbs to CFLs, all traditional lighting fixtures are a routine investment in comparison with LED lighting fixtures. Premium-quality LEDs come with ratings of up to 50,000 operational hours. LEDs last longer than conventional lighting fixtures such as metal halides and CFLs. On average, an LED lighting fixture will last for around 5-7 years.

A suitable lighting fixture must last long and provide excellent illumination while consuming little electricity peruse.LED lights are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor areas of your home, as they encourage energy and money savings along years of use. Excellent LED lighting products meet the following criteria:

Excellent light output (lumens)

A comparison given below shows the difference between CFLs, incandescents, and LEDs based on lumen output and wattage:

Lumens (light brightness)

LED (Wattage)

CFL   (Wattage)

Incandescent (Wattage)





Low Power consumption

Installing LED lights in different rooms of your house helps reduce the monthly power consumption, as LEDs can provide better illumination than conventional lights.

 The difference in the lumen output per watt between LEDs and incandescent lights means that you’ll need fewer fixtures per square meter. 

A reduction in the number of lighting fixtures that illuminate an indoor space with adequate lighting helps cut the maintenance cost of lighting a home.

High Efficacy

Since LED lights produce more lumens per watt, they provide high efficacy in comparison with conventional fixtures. LEDs consume less energy than incandescent or fluorescent lights. Thus, even when you run them for hours, they do not consume as much energy as non-LEDs.

Color Rendering Accuracy

You can see objects because of the light. Light reflects off the surface of an object and enters your eyes to render an image. Better illumination of surrounding spaces is the key to viewing things in their true colors. 

Consider going on a sightseeing adventure on a gloomy day. Repeat the same experience on a sunny day, and you’ll notice a change in the colors in your surroundings. 

On a scale from 10-100, LEDs have a color rendering index (CRI) of above 80. Thus, LED lighting fixtures allow you to render accurate colors of objects and surroundings in any indoor space.

Color Appearance(s) 

Kelvin’s number of any lighting fixtures correlates to the appearance of the light that it will emit. LED lighting fixtures are available in four correlated color temperature (CCT) ranges: Warm White, Natural White, Daylight White, and Cool White. 

A chart given below shows the kelvin range of all four CCTs:

Color Appearance (Light)

Kelvin Range

Warm White


Natural White


Daylight White


Cool White


The warm white light helps set up a calming and relaxing ambiance. Thus LEDs with warm light are ideal for bedrooms, spas, and living rooms.

Natural white lighting fixtures provide a clean and pleasant ambiance. They are excellent for use in kitchens and dining spaces.

LEDs that offer daylight white appearance render crisp and bright lighting experience. They are the right lighting fixtures for the outdoor spaces of your home.

Lighting fixtures that emit cool white light help set an energetic and productive environment. These lights are excellent for use for task lighting at workstations, kitchen counters, etc.

How to decide what LED lighting fixtures to buy for different rooms of your home?

Different rooms of your home serve various purposes. Even though you’ll use some places more than others, you must not limit the lighting fixture installation. Each room of your house should and can have adequate amounts of lighting at an economical cost. It is a matter of choice, and you’ll realize that LEDs are a reasonable choice when it comes to residential lights.

Bedroom lighting: meeting the moods

Your bedroom is the most personal space. It is where you’ll spend most of your time when at home. Installing different kinds of LED lighting fixtures in the bedroom helps maintain your circadian rhythms. Thus, allowing you to sleep better.  

For those who prefer lights that render a colorful and aesthetic ambiance, using LED strip lights and wall sconces in the bedroom makes complete sense. Table lamps with LED lights for the bedside tables are also a popular choice for bedrooms. 

Living room lights: lively and lovely!

The living room of your home is the center for formal as well as informal meetups with friends and family. Naturally, you have set up a picture-perfect living room that is a comfortable one for both you and the guests. Installing good lighting will enhance the aesthetics of your living room.

Any art pieces that you may like to display on the living room wall will look a lot more appealing with accent lighting. Floor lamps add both elegance and task lighting to a living room, so you might want to give them a chance.

The staircases in the living room or other paces around your home can look so much better with LED strip lights. You can also choose to install dimmable light bulbs in the living room. Dimmable bulbs will allow you to switch the brightness of the lights by use.

LED lights for the kitchen: good light for great food!

If you do a lot of home cooking, you’ll know that having adequate lighting in the kitchen comes handy while preparing meals or doing the dishes. If home cooking isn’t something you’re fond of, consider doing it often, as eating home-made meals is excellent for your health. 

Coming to the kitchen lights: you should install lighting fixtures that offer high CRI. Also, you can jazz up the ambiance of your kitchen by adding the right task lights above the kitchen counter. You can also install decorative wall sconces and pendants near the washbasin. 

The dining space is the jackpot area of your house. You create so many memories at the dining table, so there has to be a statement-making chandelier above the table. A pendant light or flush-mount lighting fixture can also be your choice of lighting fixtures when thinking about adding more elegance to the dining space.

Bathroom Fixtures: nothing shocking!

LED bathroom fixtures come with standard safety and non-toxicity ratings. LEDs come with standard IP ratings, meaning that they are safe for use in the bathroom. 

You can install ambient lighting and task lighting fixtures in the bathroom. Having an LED vanity mirror in your bathroom is a sophisticated way to add more light and aesthetics to the bathroom. You can also install LED lights with motion sensors in the bathroom.

Lights for the Lows and Highs

If there are any rooms in your home with a low ceiling, it is ideal to use decorative semi-flush mount lighting fixtures. The semi-flush mount fixtures provide small rooms with just the right amount of light, without being over-the-top. You can also use 4” LED downlights in places with a low ceiling.

The areas of your home with high ceilings need lights that offer bright light and easy maintenance. Floodlights, flush mount fixtures, and chandeliers are the right lights for places with high ceilings.

Let the lights shine bright!

If you were to buy an incandescent bulb, a CFL, and an LED of 60W, 14W, and 7W at an average cost of 1, 2, and 4$ respectively- you will need 21 incandescents 3 CFLs and 1 LED bulb to illuminate an area for 25,000 hours. The total cost of those bulbs over 20 years will be as follows:

$21 for incandescent bulbs, $6 for CFL bulbs, and $4 for LED bulb.

LED lighting fixtures are energy-efficient and money-saving lights. They are worth every dollar that you invest in the lighting budget of your home. If you are thinking about the outdoor lighting of your home, LEDs still have your back. From canopy lights to motion sensor security lights, LEDs are everything you will need to experience better lighting. 

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