Important things one should know about LED Pole Lights.

led pole lights

If you own an independent house, near a spacious park, you must have seen an array of pole lights on the periphery of that park. What comes to your mind when you see these poles? Your childhood moments when you would run around that poles; or an ice cream vendor, who would come at a specific time in the evening to sell colored ice candy.

We hope the way you saw these lights in your childhood is quite different the way you experience them now. How these lights are special in our lives, check here?

Height matters, when you think of pole lights

The best Pole lights are 9 to 15 feet in height. In case you are installing these lights in your society or township, keep in mind, they shouldn’t shed excessive glare.

They work best when they are installed at a specific interval

Pole lights work best when they are installed at a uniform gap. If there is an uneven gap between two pole lights, it hampers security and sometimes it also leads to an accident.

led pole lights

LED Pole lights around sea beach are corrosion free

Sea beach is never tranquil, rushing waves not only hit rocks but poles too. The sea water is salty, so it might harm the polish of pole lights. Poles longevity won’t suffer because of corrosion, sustaining this view, anti-corrosion poles are installed around sea beaches and river banks.

Ultra modern pole lights are environment-friendly

Ultra modern pole lights are environment-friendly, that means, they do not emit harmful gases like mercury and cadmium.

Special features

Lightweight die-cast housing makes pole lights heat resistant. Although LED lights do not emit much of the heat, whatever heat generates, it dissipates easily because of the aluminum body.

When you mount these lights, you do not have to go through the whole rigmarole of cutting and drilling.

Pole lights are IP-65 rated, that means when you mount lights, you don’t have to bother about heavy rains and thunderstorms.

LED pole lights are available in three different color temperatures viz. 3000K, 4000K and 5700K.

When you pick these fixtures, you don’t have to worry about on and off function. Dusk to dawn sensors attached with pole light ensures it automatically switch on at night.  


LED Pole Lights are an integral part of modern infrastructure. We cannot think of parks, stadiums, and parking lots without these lights. If you want more information about LED pole lights, then you can visit LEDMyplace

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