Install More efficient V Shaped Integrated LED tubes to Lighten up the Place

led integrated tube lights

V shaped integrated LED tubes come with higher lifespan

We all are well-aware about the importance of illuminating the indoor and outdoor places with maximum brightness and how important it is to ensure maximum visibility. Today, the LED lighting industry is ruling the entire lighting market industry and people are using these LED products as a better lighting alternative than the traditional form of lights. Among the indoor lighting options, you can consider buying LED integrated tube lights that are used to lighten up the commercial, residential and industrial places as well. These v shaped integrated LED tubes are used to illuminate corridors, restaurants, shopping, galleries, homes, warehouses among many other places as well.

Since these v shaped integrated LED tubes to come in various different designs and sizes, you can install the most suitable ones to lighten up the indoor commercial and residential places. No matter whichever styled LED integrated tubes you are buying for the indoor premises, you will be able to make more energy savings as the overall electricity consumption will also reduce manifolds. Some of the benefits of installing these energy-saving v shaped integrated LED lights are as follows which is motivating every individual to replace those traditional fluorescent lamps with these better and effective lights.

How installing these v shaped integrated LED tubes is more beneficial?

Higher Illumination

To lighten the indoor commercial and residential places, there is a need to invest in buying these v shaped integrated LED tubes that will allow you to do the work in an enhanced way. If you consider installing, 60w 8ft LED integrated tubes that produce 7200 lumens then there is no need to install 160w MH lights anymore, this way you can make greater savings of more than 75% which is a big not to be missed at all. In addition to consuming low energy, also these LED integrated products will give you maximum light quality as compared to the traditional form of lights which you might be using since past some time and experiencing dissatisfaction in the overall lighting.

integrated t8 led tube light

Use them for at least 50,000 hours

These v shaped Integrated LED tubes can work for at least 50,000 hours which is much more than the traditional form of lights and moreover, they don’t emit heated rays as well, which otherwise can make the surroundings heated and suffocating as well. In fact, you will never experience blowing out of the bulbs by using these LED integrated tubes to illuminate the place, use these tubes for almost 5.7 years even if you use them for 24 hours in a day as well.

IP 44 rated

Along with giving you more savings in the overall electricity bills, this v shaped integrated LED tubes are IP44 rated as well that will protect them from dust and moisture coming from any direction. So you can install these lights anywhere as these lights can tolerate every challenging weather conditions as well, also the aluminium heat sink is useful in keeping the tubes cooler even if they are used for more number of hours as well, they will not produce any kind of heated lighting results as well.

So make the use of the technology by installing these V shaped integrated LED tubes at the indoor places and replace those traditional MH or fluorescent lights with these better lights. Also, by installing these cost-saving lights you can also keep the environment safe and non-polluted as well, since there are no harmful chemicals that are that too in an eco-friendly way without emitting harmful chemicals that can pollute the surroundings.

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