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Is Electricity Necessary For Lighted Vanity Mirror?

led vanity mirrors
led vanity mirrors
led vanity mirrors
led vanity mirrors

LED Mirrors are the trendiest product in the market. People are buying it, and it has a huge customer base. With this, there are lots of questions associated with it. Today we will discuss a very common query among people regarding Lighted Vanity mirror which is ‘Does LED mirror needs electricity?’

As we know, you are interested in buying these LED mirrors, and we are happy to share this useful information, so let’s discuss this further.

First of all, the answer to this question is yes, LED Vanity Mirror does need electricity to light them up. The special features like inbuilt defogger, one-touch on/off, and front/backlight, all need electricity to function properly. However, the normal reflective surface of the mirror can still be used without electricity as a regular mirror.

Let’s go a bit deeper into the LED mirror and know more details about it.

Why LED mirror needs electricity?

The name itself suggests that LED stands for light-emitting diode, which makes it clear that they need electricity to operate. In fact, the LED Bulbs associated with the mirror should be connected to the electric power to turn on. All other features in the LED vanity mirror also require electricity to work properly.

Let’s discuss more about these features in detail.

LED lights

LED lights are the latest lighting solution with all the advanced technology. The light-emitting diode is a small light bulb that lets the electricity flow in one direction. They are designed to emit light.

They are intentionally designed into tiny, rounded bulbs so that light produces brighter illumination. The LEDs in the mirror need electricity to lighten up.

anti-fog mirrors


Do you know the science behind the fog that gets collected on the bathroom mirror with LED lights after a hot shower? This is because the air condenses into tiny water droplets and gets collected on the mirror surface, which makes it foggy.

The defogger is used to heat the back of the mirror surface, which does not let the steam get collected into the mirror. The mirror with the defogger will always keep it crystal clear, no matter how steamy the bathroom gets.

The defogger is attached to the mirror’s lighting system, which starts working with the light of the mirror.

Brightness and CCT changeable settings

With this feature, you can easily change the brightness and the color of LED Mirrors, which also need electricity. Most of the LED mirrors have a dimmable button through which you can adjust the brightness and change the color temperature from warm white to cold white LED lighting. These features will not work without electricity.

How does LED mirror work?

LED Mirrors work with the use of electricity and by activating the features associated with it. They can also work after illuminating the LED Lighting from the back or front of the mirror glass. The LED lights in the mirror are arranged in a row that is along a mirror base behind the mirror. There is a power regulator behind the mirror that is connected to the LED light circuit along with the wiring connection for other features of the mirror.

Light Projection

LED Mirrors are capable of illuminating the nearby objects by projecting lights from the front and back of the mirror. The backlit effect of the mirror lets the light gets bounced off from the wall where the mirror is mounted.

bathroom mirror with led lights

The electric consumption of LED Mirror

The amount of electrical consumption depends on the LED bulbs used in the LED lighted mirror and its features. But still have all the features and number of LED bulbs, this mirror will consume lesser energy than the traditional mirror.

LEDs are known for their electrical efficiency. They convert 95% of energy into light and the rest 5% into heat.

The lifespan of LED Mirror

LED lighted mirrors are energy-efficient, but they also have a long lifespan, making them highly reliable. Furthermore, due to their higher efficiency, the maintenance costs of the LED mirror are minimal.

It is believed that LED vanity mirrors can work efficiently for 50,000 hours. So for a long time period, you don’t need to worry about replacing the Lighted Bathroom mirrors.


So now we hope that it is clear that LED lighted mirror uses the electricity to light the LED Bulbs and operate all the features. So to enjoy all the features of LED vanity mirrors, purchase the best lighted mirror for your place.

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